[News] Old FUD Dubunked: Too Many GNU/Linux Distros, Distros Present Lock-in

[News] Old FUD Dubunked: Too Many GNU/Linux Distros, Distros Present Lock-in

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 05 Dec 2007 10:32:13

UD alert: Linux distro lock-in? Get real!

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| A little while ago, I posted a blog entry that dealt with reasons why small
| businesses really should consider using Linux. I listed the freedom from
| vendor lock-in as one very important consideration and specifically stated
| that vendor lock-in here refers to data formats, not even specifically to
| Linux. Surprisingly (or not?), I got a very strange and negative reaction
| from some of my readers, which seem to be more in tune with Microsoft's
| solutions. So, I would like to talk about their reasoning here and my take on
| it.


Are all Linux distributions created equally?

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| There really isn't much inherent in a base Linux distribution to distinguish
| it from its neighbors.



Why Having 500+ Distros is a Good Thing

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| Perhaps next time the author might think about what they're
| saying...because limiting the number of distros out there is
| absolutely NOT the way to go to accomplish anything other
| than limiting innovation.


Two ways Microsoft's mindshare sabotages Linux desktop adoption

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| Microsoft may not make flawless software, but its proprietary
| strategy is hard to fault. In particular, Microsoft has mastered
| desktop lock-in, undermining users' confidence in any alternatives
| and creating a slew of minor difficulties that irritate those
| who do switch.
| [...]
| The power of MS brainwashing
| Six months later," 80% of users have and had no problem with OpenOffice,"
| Holt said.


Do stacks solve the lock-in problem?

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| As unpopular as lock-in is with customers, it's just that popular
| with vendors. It assures them cash flow. It pleases Wall Street.
| It gives them "cash cows" whose profits they can use to develop
| something really nifty.
| [...]
| An open source stack, like LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) is supposed to
| solve the lock-in problem. You can control the code used in the entire
| stack.


Open Source Goes Mobile

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| A constant theme at the conference was the burgeoning role of open
| source in mobile phones, particularly "smart phones" (those with
| extended functionality like music players, document viewers, etc.).
| What was interesting to me was that most of the discussion about opens
| ource (Linux, really) seemed to be focused on the flexibility and
| cost reduction opportunities it provided for equipment and servicep
| roviders. There was, interestingly, no mention of a desire to
| avoid dependency upon Microsoft's offering; to me this seemed
| strange because Microsoft has a habit of entering markets --
| even hardware markets -- when they're big enough, and causing
| real pain to their partners who depend upon Microsoft for their
| software platform: can you say Zune? As I said, this was not
| mentioned even once, which to my mind indicates a blind spot,
| as I could easily see Microsoft deciding to enter the smart
| phone market when it get