[News] Another Linux Alliance Born to Promote Linux in Russian Schools

[News] Another Linux Alliance Born to Promote Linux in Russian Schools

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 02 Sep 2007 08:38:48

econd Linux-alliance formation in struggle for schools

,----[ Quote
| A competitor to the recently created OS Linux software developersalliance
| is to appear in the near future. St. Petersburg Company Linux Ink has
| developed a project within which the domestic open-source community
| participants are suggested to enter an alternative consortium. It is to forge
| active PR-operations and close cooperation with educational institutions, the
| organizers say. They also offer their own development methods for
| Linux-products, which are to be used in Russian schools.



Linux-alliance sets free school software in Russia

,----[ Quote ]
| Russian Linux software developers have created an alliance to jointly
| participate in tenders to supply schools with open source software. The total
| number of specialist entering the alliance has exceeded the given number in
| Mandriva and Ubuntu Canonical producer, all in all. In case of successful
| pilot project implementation the open source software is to be installed in
| every Russian school together with Microsoft and other propriety software.


Open source software gets a chance in Russia

,----[ Quote ]
| CNews found out a pilot open source software project was to be launched in
| the educational institutions in Tomsk Region and Tatarstan. According to the
| Ministry of Communication plans, in case of its successful implementation up
| to the 2009 year end an alternative software package is to be installed in
| all the Russian schools. The main domestic Linux distributors have got
| interested in the pilot project.


Russian government to finance Linux version for schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Russian Ministry of Finance approved RUR 3 bln financing from state budget
| for software on school computers.


Experiment: first schools install Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| "If the results are positive, the committee will suggest installing
| Linux in all schools", Igor Bazlov added.


Russian schools abandon Windows after piracy scare

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft says that the incident has nothing to do with them, but it
| appears that Russian schools in the area are so scared about being shipped
| off to a Siberian Gulag, that they are buying Linux gear instead.
| [..]
| According to Karpushin, schools would start using freely distributed
| software like the Linux OS, Russky office and Open office desktop apps,
| Ekho Moskvi reports.


Linux and Windows in Russian schools

,----[ Quote ]
| I just noticed this blog entry (in Russian) from an advanced Linux
| user, where he offers free help to every teacher (or their boss)
| who'd like to start teaching Linux, and gives a few links to
| other such projects, such as "The winter Linux school for teachers"
| (in Russian) organized by ALTLinux together with a few other
| institutions. A few other projects do exist. Hopefully, such
| projects, together with the "antipiracy" campaign will lead to
| more Linux and o

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And Ubuntu Linux has yet another magazine (among several others):

[Ubuntu] Full Circle Magaine - Issue 1 is OUT

,----[ Quote ]
| This issue includes:
| * Installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn
| * Howtos: Linux directory structure, MythTV, Scribus, and more
| * Interview with Deluge BitTorrent Client developer
| * News, reviews, and much more!


My Review of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (and why I switched)

,----[ Quote ]
| The update process runs smoothly every time, and the ease of use is
| far above that of Windows. My 7-year-old nephew comes over to my
| house and can use my laptop and he loves the educational games that
| I loaded for him, and he wishes he could use those games on his mom's
| Windows machine (I'm still working on converting her). So all in all,
| I'd give Ubuntu Feisty a 9/10 on my scale. The only reason for
| deduction is the lack of driver support for my card reader.


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