[News] Microsoft Ad Originality Lacking; Buts Another Ads Company

[News] Microsoft Ad Originality Lacking; Buts Another Ads Company

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 30 Mar 2007 11:47:33

Microsoft even copied the "Wow" ad campaign

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| Look at these pictures taken at Apple WWDC (August 2006): Bertrand
| Serlet, Apple's Senior Vice President, explains that not only
| applications developed by Apple are functional and easy to use
| but they also provide the "Wow effect".


Microsoft to 'acquire DoubleClick'

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| ...Microsoft would be paying a big premium to extend hooks into ad
| agencies and publishers, giving it some more heft in its struggle
| against the Google behemoth.



Microsoft Continues to Lose Online Popularity

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| This week's Emarketer and Comscore reports drive home Microsoft's
| continuing fall from online


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Microsoft's Online Woes Hint at Larger Vulnerability

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| "For the past two years, I've been totally confused about [the difference
| between] Windows Live, MSN and Windows," said Charlene Li, an independent
| technology industry analyst. "The messaging and product features don't pull
| together."


Microsoft is down sharply today.



Maybe it can buy Yahoo and start faking the numbers (in the portal, not just in
its reports).


Microsoft platforms chief Johnson is leaving

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| In a surprise move, Kevin Johnson, the president of Microsoft's Platforms &
| Services Division, is leaving the company, Microsoft said this afternoon.
| Johnson, who reported to Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, headed
| groups including the Windows team and the company's consumer online services,
| where Microsoft has struggled to keep up with Google in the critical Internet
| search market.

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