[News] Amazon S3 FileSystem for Linux Released as Beta, Amazon Talks About Its Datacentres at Expo

[News] Amazon S3 FileSystem for Linux Released as Beta, Amazon Talks About Its Datacentres at Expo

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 09 Aug 2007 21:28:22

ElasticDrive Beta 0.1.6 - Amazon S3 FileSystem

,----[ Quote ]
| Enomaly Inc has announced the release of ElasticDrive. ElasticDrive is a
| network block device based upon the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).
| ElasticDrive provides a caching block device driver which pushes blocks to
| and from S3 as if they were being written to a local block device.
| [...]
| ElasticDrive provides this service through a virtual NBD service. The NBD
| service translates from standard NBD to S3 packets transparently, so that the
| client (the kernel) sees a generic block device. NBD is supported on almost
| every linux kernel (including EC2). Simply modprobe nbd, and you are ready to
| use ElasticDrive.


Linux Expo Offers Peek Inside Amazon, EBay Data Centers

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux went little mentioned in the opening day's keynotes at this week's
| LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, where for the first time the open
| source geekfest shares space with the debut Next Generation Data Center
| conference.



rPath Provides On-Ramp to Amazon Grid Services

,----[ Quote ]
| Significantly, rPath does not use Red Hat Linux for its
| virtualization onramp. "Red Hat Linux is monolithic. One size
| fits all," said Marshall. Instead, rPath lets customers (who are
| ISVs and therefore presumably know a thing or two about how
| their products use OS features) pick and choose the pieces
| that are embedded into their offerings.


Open Source Communications and SIP Come to Amazon.com

,----[ Quote ]
| If you have any doubt about the future of open source
| communications, consider it shattered: Amazon.com will soon be
| deploying 5,000 phones connected to the Pingtel ECS platform
| running on Linux.
| The question is why would Amazon switch out their existing PBX, and
| the answer is that the leading e-commerce site already runs about
| 20,000 Red Hat Linux servers?so they are what you might call "comfortable"
| with Linux to begin with. This install will add three more Linux
| servers to the mix.


1. CL-S3, a Common Lisp library to interface with the Amazon S3 Web Service

2. Amazon S3 library, new release

This is getting pretty close. I translated the manual page into
something that at least looks OK as far as doctools goes, even if it
isn't "right" in every way. I also added "recursive" calls since last time.


Please take a look if you have any interest, and make suggestions. At
least look at the documentation and see if it makes sense. (Which it
probably won't if you're not at least somewhat familiar with Amazon's
service and terminology.)

Thanks for any feedback!

Darren New / San Diego, CA, USA (PST)
Scruffitarianism - Where T-shirt, jeans,
and a three-day beard are "Sunday Best."

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