[News] Free Software Project Wins Irish Prime Minister Public Service Excellence Award

[News] Free Software Project Wins Irish Prime Minister Public Service Excellence Award

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Award for Open Source Application for Analysing Health Data

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| Health Atlas Ireland, an Open Source application to analyse health related
| datasets using geographical information systems (GIS) and statistical
| software, was one of twenty projects that were given the 'Prime Minister
| Public Service Excellence Award'. The awards were handed out last month by
| Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern.
| Health Atlas Ireland is based on the Open Source content management system
| Plone and the Open Source application server Zope. It was selected for the
| Award because of its capacity to innovate and its technical perfection,
| writes Zeapartners, a network of companies involved in Plone and Zope. "This
| innovative Irish project greatly improves the quality and the efficiency of
| services delivered by health services."


Everything appears to be moving in this direction. Proprietary software becomes
less relevant by the day.

Open Source for Open Systems Follow up to ConnectivityWeek

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| I would like to start a community called OpenLynx where I would like to bring
| these and several other open source initiatives together to discuss how we
| can all collaborate on a common goal for our industry.



Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 90: Ubuntu Finland receives award from Finland's
Minister of Communications

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| Ubuntu Finland[1] was awarded Finnish Linux User Group's 2008 award at the HP
| Linux Forum[2], in Helsinki, on 8th of May. The award was received by the
| team contact of Ubuntu Finland, Timo Jyrinki, and was given by the Finland's
| Minister of Communications, Suvi Lindn[3]. The award also included 2000in
| cash for Ubuntu Finland's usage.

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