[News] Ubuntu Linux Conquers Acer Tablet PC

[News] Ubuntu Linux Conquers Acer Tablet PC

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 23 Dec 2006 04:37:41

Running Ubuntu Linux on Acer Tablet Notebooks Part I

,----[ Quote ]
| Why Linux is Better:
| * Better Price: The cost is $0. You can download the Ubuntu
| install CD or you can order free (no shipping) LTS CDs. The
| second option takes a few weeks
| * More Stability & Better Memory Usage: From boot-up to shut
| down, multiple programs and workspaces, ETA of file transfers,
| Linux is made better from the ground up. Ubuntu can run on very
| old computers and notebooks.
| * Command Line: I have always enjoyed command line work in DOS
| and was saddened by Microsoft's move away from it. Linux
| effectively embraces the beauty of command line with a strong
| and growing GUI.
| * Highly Extensible: 99 percent of all programs you use and
| need are available free of charge. The Windows programs that
| you do need that are not Linux compatible can usually be run
| through Wine, a Windows Emulation program.
| * Open Source: Supporting open source means supporting good
| causes, anti-monopoly interests, knowledge and functionality
| for all.


[News] Ubuntu Linux Conquers Acer Tablet PC

Post by John Bail » Sat, 23 Dec 2006 05:12:13

It mentions u-bid and that brings to mind a good business idea:

People can take used computers they want to sell on e-bay and u-bid and
install Linux on them as part of the deal.

They can say: hey, not only do you get this cheap hardware, but I also
pre-configured it with tons of software.

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