[News] [Rival] Microsoft Shill Talks Against Net Neutrality, Spreads FUD

[News] [Rival] Microsoft Shill Talks Against Net Neutrality, Spreads FUD

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 12 Sep 2007 08:42:26

he Reuters shill has its own share of mistakes and ironically it's
called "factbook".

FACTBOX - Microsoft's legal troubles in EU, U.S., Asia


Since when does Microsoft control 95% of the servers? Stupid journalism or just
shilling? Here's the Ou shill:

Phony choices in the net neutrality debate

,----[ Quote ]
| Don let the FUD-meisters convince you otherwise. Not in 1,000 words or 1
| million. The question is whether you will run the Internet, or whether AT&T
| will.



ZDNet's George Ou Exposed as Ignorant Microsoft Shill (Zoon!)

,----[ Quote ]
| Ou's reputation as a shoddy writer of fact-refuting, intellectually
| embarrassing misinformation earns both him and ZDNet the dishonor of a Zoon
| award nomination for spectacularly bad work in promoting the regression of
| human achievement.


Long list of Vista bugs that will keep me off Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| After a grueling week of intense Vista RTM testing, I still can't
| get Vista stable on my primary computer yet even though I've swapped
| out all the bad memory. This same PC has worked with and continues
| to work with Windows XP just fine. Even with the good memory in the
| computer, it locks up every hour or two and forces me to hard shut
| the system to reboot. Apparently I'm not the only one with stability
| issues since reader DAC-Tech who's a Systems Engineer with a big
| company was having issues with his brand new ASUS based motherboard.


"Fake Steve Jobs" is Daniel Lyons, in case anyone wants to sue

,----[ Quote ]
| Maybe we should be, since this is the man who wrote about the "evils" of
| anonymous blogging in "Attack of the Blogs", where he said that blogs
| are he prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing
| lies, libel and invective.
| Um. Dude. Talk about world class hypocrisy.


Microsoft pays star writers to recite slogan

,----[ Quote ]
| The stodgy old media industry has a rule that newspaper reporters, and TV
| news hosts, shouldn't trade on their public trust to endorse products.


Malik, Arrington and Battelle: X-22, come in [to Microsoft]

,----[ Quote ]
| What would possess a collection of online publishers and venture capitalists
| to pimp a Microsoft advertising slogan?
| Valleywag today reported about a site tied to a Microsoft ad campaign
| where the likes of Michael Arrington, Om Malik and others seemingly
| lend their support to the "people-ready" catchphrase.
| I sent e-mails both to Arrington and Malik and--surprise,
| surprise--heard nothing back. (Obviously, they are not yet
| sufficiently "Coop-ready.") Microsoft was still checking for me into
| whether money exchanged hands. But even if not a single shekel exchanged
| hands, I must wonder about the absence of common sense. Why would
| ostensibly independent voices come across as Microsoft shills? If
| they were hoping for a free dinner with Bill Gates, there are
| smarter ways to go about it.