[News] [Rival] Microsoft and Apple: Legalised Bribery ('Lobbying') in Congress

[News] [Rival] Microsoft and Apple: Legalised Bribery ('Lobbying') in Congress

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 01 Mar 2008 02:15:54

ech Firms Paid Lobbyist $500,000

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 60 companies and trade associations, including Microsoft Corp. and
| Apple Inc., are members of Coalition for Patent Fairness. The coalition paid
| Patton Boggs to lobby Congress in support of patent legislation that passed
| the House last year but has stalled in the Senate.


They want to abolish things that harm them while keeping the anti-FOSS pill, as
argued elsewhere in the recent past.

Microsoft challenges bulk of Avistar patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. has challenged 24 of Avistar Communications Corp.'s 29 U.S.
| patents, the company said.
| San Mateo-based Avistar (NASDAQ:AVSR - News) said the challenge follows six
| months of unsuccessful business discussions.



Mr. Microsoft goes to Washington

,----[ Quote ]
| As I suspected, Microsoft spends a whole lot more than that on lobbying. For
| the first half of last year, Microsoft spent $4.78 million on lobbying
| activities, according to the report it filed with Congress. It's full-year
| 2007 report is not yet available.


Microsoft trying to derail Google/DoubleClick deal by lobbying congress

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has hired lobbying firm Patton Boggs LLC to do work on "competitive
| issues surrounding Google/DoubleClick [sic] merger."


Microsoft Finds Legal Defender in Justice Dept.

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly a decade after the government began its landmark effort to break
| up Microsoft, the Bush administration has sharply changed course by
| repeatedly defending the company both in the United States and abroad
| against accusations of anticompetitive conduct, including the recent
| rejection of a complaint by Google.
| [...]
| In the most striking recent example of the policy shift, the top
| antitrust official at the Justice Department last month urged state
| prosecutors to reject a confidential antitrust complaint filed by
| Google that is tied to a consent decree that monitors Microsoft's
| behavior. Google has accused Microsoft of designing its latest
| operating system, Vista, to discourage the use of Google's desktop
| search program, lawyers involved in the case said.


Politics and tech companies: follow the money


Changing the Report, After the Vote


Microsoft's 'Men in Black' kill Florida open standards legislation

,----[ Quote
| It was just a bit of text advocating open data formats that was slipped into
| a Florida State Senate bill at the last minute with no fanfare, but within
| 24 hours three Microsoft-paid lobbyists, all wearing black suits, were
| pressuring members of the Senate Committee on Governmental Operations
| (COGO) to remove the words they didn't like from Senate bill 1974.


Politicians in Microsoft's Pocket


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A Pre-BRM Miscellany

,----[ Quote ]
| A quick update on the concurrent OFE conference. I just heard that Microsoft
| employees have now started registering for the conference, around 8 so far.
| Interesting. So why exactly are all of these Microsoft guys in Geneva that
| week? None of them appear to be BRM delegates. To quote Doug Mahugh, "Wow. If
| this isn't an attempt to exert undue influence on the standards process, it's
| hard to imagine what is. Who are these people?"
| Methinks that the OFE conference has forced Microsoft's lobbying team to
| decloak.


They have already engaged in illegal briberies (e.g. in Sweden).


Microsoft admits Swedish employee promised incentives for Open XML support

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. admitted Wednesday that an employee at its Swedish subsidiary
| offered monetary compensation to partners for voting in favor of the Office
| Open XML document format's approval as an ISO standard.


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