[News] [Linux] Motorola Chooses Linux and Does the Anti-Tivoization Gig

[News] [Linux] Motorola Chooses Linux and Does the Anti-Tivoization Gig

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 21 Jun 2007 21:19:08

otorola Unlocks IPTV Set-Tops

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola is opening up access to the software in its VIP 1200
| Internet-protocol-TV set-top boxes with an application-development platform
| based on the Linux operating environment.


Hats off to Motorola. They are in the LF and they move towards a lot of Linux


,----[ Quote ]
| "Linux will take a significant--I'm not allowed to say 'dominant'--market
| share of mobile phone operating systems," she predicted. Motorola expects
| 60% of its phones will use a version of embedded Linux "in a short
| time," Wyatt said.


Motorola touts Linux support for 32-way ATCA blade

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| Some of the first widely available 64-bit chips were based on Alpha,
| and Alpha was the second architecture (after x86) to support Linux,
| back in the mid-90s. Linux founder Linus Torvalds wrote the
| port himself, paving the way for ports to many other
| architectures, which quickly followed.


Review: Motorola's Linux Powered ROKR Z6

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| Motorola's MOTOROKR Z6 has an awful lot going for it. It has a capable
| music player, takes good photos, and offers new voice technology that
| we've
| never seen from a major manufacturer. It is, to be sure, an eminently
| enjoyable slider phone. I would have liked for its internal antenna to
| have
| performed a bit more strongly and I'm not real fond of the d-pad's nail
| file like surface, but apart from those few things, I really have enjoyed
| the past few weeks I've had with the Z6.
| I'm very pleased to be able to give the Motorola ROKR Z6 a "Highly
| Recommended" rating.


Motorola finally launches U.S. Linux phone

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| Linux/Java has topped CEO Ed Zander's list of things to look for
| from Motorola as it attempts a financial turnaround. At a New
| York press conference this morning, Zander introduced Linux-based"
| Rokr" and "Razr2" models, along with new top-level executives.


Moto ROKR e6 Linux-Based Smartphone Gets Screen Time

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| It's exiciting that Moto's not using Windows Mobile for its smartphones
| but making its own Linux-based OS. Samsung is rumored to be doing the
| same thing, but hasn't had the speed Moto's enjoying. While we'd like
| to see anyone make an alternative to WinMo, the jury's still out on if
| Linux is the answer.


Mot ships 800,000th Linux-based IP-STB

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| Motorola said its millionth IP-STB to ship was a VIP1510 model
| (pictured above), which runs Linux on a MIPS-based processor
| with hardware MPEG-2 acceleration. The company also offers
| 17xx-series IP-STBs with both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 acceleration,
| and a VIP1200 model, said to support standard- and high-definition
| (SD/HD) video, surround sound, and interactive applications such
| as multi-cast and VoD (video-on-demand).


Hands On With The First iDen Linux Phone

,----[ Quote ]
| Nextel's iDen network isn't dead, Motorola s