[News] [Linux] Sun Microsystems' Anti-Linux Flaming

[News] [Linux] Sun Microsystems' Anti-Linux Flaming

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 08 May 2007 11:25:28

Save a Penguin, Unplug a Linux Server" May Win Most-Flamable E-Mail Award

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| I just got an e-mail from Sun which is probably the largest violation
| of L. Ron Hubbard's Survey tech that I've ever seen. It was an e-mail
| with the title of, "Save a Penguin - Unplug a Linux Server Today".



Report: Linux, open source greener than Windows

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| A new report from the U.K. Office of Government Commerce about Open
| Source Software Trials in Government, has found that servers running
| Linux could combat the rising problem of e-waste because they last
| up to twice as long as machines running Windows.


Linux Could Prevent Use of 4,200,000,000 kg of Fossil Fuels a Year

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| It turns out that machines that use Linux go obsolete roughly half as
| fast as Windows machines. And when they do go obsolete, it's because
| of hardware, not software (the switch from floppy drives to CD-Rs
| being a prime cause.) Thus, a world using Linux would be a world
| with half the computer waste (and, admittedly, halved sales for Dell
| and the rest.)
| A widespread switch to Linux could prevent literally hundreds of
| thousands of tons of waste from going into landfills every year.
| Every computer not needed would prevent the use of 240 kg of fossil
| fuels. Spread that out over the 17.5 million computers that wouldn't
| be going obsolete every year and Linux could deliver the world a
| much more sustainable future.
| The good news is, the world looks like it's ready to upgrade from
| Windows. Most of Asia has switched, as least in part, to Open
| Source Software (OSS); some countries, such as Indonesia, also
| think that Linux changes scofflaws into legit users. Cuba has
| reported a 500 percent increase in Linux installation in
| two years...


Vista poses environmental dangers

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| Microsoft Vista could have serious environmental implications,
| experts have warned.
| The latest version of Windows uses encryption methods that are
| incompatible with some older PCs. It also features high-end
| graphics capabilities that can only run on newer hardware.


Greenpeace: Vista could trigger a deluge of electronic waste

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| Beau Baconguis of the Southeast Asia section of the environmental
| protection organization Greenpeace has warned that the introduction
| by Microsoft of its new operating system Windows Vista might as a
| side effect trigger a deluge of electronic waste (E-waste). "With
| Vista, Microsoft could effectively hasten the obsolesence of half
| the world's PCs, especially in the absence of fully-functioning
| global take back systems for PCs," Ms. Baconguis declared.


Vista gets slated - by the Greens

,----[ Quote ]
| The Green Party has slammed Microsoft and it's forthcoming operating
| system, Windows Vista, in a withering attack on the company's "monopoly".
| Microsoft not only takes criticism for allegedly environmen

[News] [Linux] Sun Microsystems' Anti-Linux Flaming

Post by [H]ome » Wed, 09 May 2007 00:38:35

Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:

| I tried running Solaris, thought it would be cool, but was unable to
| find a SINGLE worthwhile Solaris book I could use to bone up on the
| OS. The entire command structure of Solaris differs slightly from my
| more familiar FC6, so I found myself going nuts just trying to turn
| on a network interface. So, I said to heck with it, and decided to
| just run FC6 Xen on all of them



| I realize that a lot of people see this as a fight. But I tell you,
| those people are missing the point. Wee not fighting. At least
| the useful people aren fighting. No good code ever comes out of
| people who do things because they are afraid, or because they hate.
| - Linus Torvalds. http://www.yqcomputer.com/ (Groklaw)

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