[News] Another Free Sofwtare Community Formed in India

[News] Another Free Sofwtare Community Formed in India

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 30 Sep 2007 22:40:42

freed.in, leading Free & Open Source community event opens in New Delhi

,----[ Quote ]
| freed.in, the leading community event promoting freedom in technology,
| software and related fields and personal privacy, opened today in New Delhi
| at the School of Information Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus.



ELCOT's success story of Suse linux migration

,----[ Quote ]
| Electronic Corporation of TamilNadu, India is the Information Technology
| arm of Government of TamilNadu, India. ELCOT is a fully owned Government
| Company. ELCOT migrated all its operations to suse linux OS within a
| period of 12 months. This video shares the success story of ELCOT in
| the suse linux migration (June 2007)


Laptop training for T. Nadu IAS officers

,----[ Quote ]
| They were given orientation in Suse Linux and Windows XP operating
| systems, since the laptop computers were loaded with them and Suse
| Linum operating system was a new technology, an official press
| release here said.


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