[News] Review of the Latest Mandriva Linux, Overview of Top New Distributions

[News] Review of the Latest Mandriva Linux, Overview of Top New Distributions

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 16 Jun 2008 18:20:35

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Mandriva Linux One Spring 2008 Review

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| Overall, I find Mandriva Linux One Spring 2008 to be a very cohesive distro.
| I lament the fact that most of the major distros have given KDE second-class
| status and focus most of their development and utilities for Gnome. For
| example, in Fedora with KDE, I still need to launch the GTK program Pup to
| update my packages. Kubuntu comes close, but it just doesn seem as well
| put-together as Ubuntu. So it nice to see Mandriva championing the KDE.
| Their utilities seem very easy to use and their KDE menu is not messy at all.
| The Mandriva art team has put together nice backgrounds, login screens, etc
| I curious to see how they handle the move to KDE 4. I expect theyl be
| using KDE 4 for their fall release if KDE 4.1 remains on schedule and
| releases in July. I going to keep a close eye on Mandriva. I may jump ship
| to them one day. I certainly recommend it to new users although as of now
| I probably still recommend it alongside Ubuntu.


The best Linux distributions of spring 2008

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| That wraps it up for the spring of 2008 - openSUSE wins, second time in a
| row. Obviously there are many other potential distributions out there and
| actually the amount of choice is almost overwhelming. We try to help the
| people that are looking for an alternative to Windows, and in our opinion
| these are the most potential choices for that purpose. They all have their
| higlights and weaknesses, but overall the offering of openSUSE seems most
| complete.



Review: Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring

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| Conclusion
| Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring comes pretty close to a perfect Linux
| distribution. It has a good selection of software in its various editions as
| well as in its repositories.
| [...]
| No matter whether you are a Linux newbie or power user, you can always use a
| stable desktop distribution, and they don't come any better than Mandriva
| Linux 2008 Spring.


Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring

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| Overall we liked what we saw. Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring may not be the best
| distro for the newcomer moving over from Windows, but if you're used to the
| way Linux works and want to try something different, give it a try.

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