[News] [Linux] Microsoft's Anti-Linux Weapon is Inexistent, Illusionary

[News] [Linux] Microsoft's Anti-Linux Weapon is Inexistent, Illusionary

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 09 Jun 2007 08:57:02

Microsoft & Linux Vendors Trading in Patent Fool's Gold

,----[ Quote ]
| What does Microsoft get out of the deals? They get to shamelessly
| accuse our community of wrongdoing without ever having to prove
| it in court. They get to advertise that they are working to enforce
| their patents - you know, the ones that should never have been
| granted to begin with. They will likely even use the deals to
| claim all manner of "victories" over our community.


Roads to the GPL

,----[ Quote ]
| The central thesis of the GPL is that you can do anything you like with
| the software, except claim ownership, or authorship, of its contents.
| And that's about it.


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Experts scramble to quash IPv6 flaw

,----[ Quote ]
| "In rough terms, it makes everything we thought was bad, a thousand
| times worse," Paul Vixie, president of the Internet Systems Consortium,
| said in an email interview with SecurityFocus. "It can be exploited by
| any greedy Estonian *** ager with a $300 Linux machine."


This has nothing to do with Linux, but why not create a negative image and
get a pat on the back from Steve Ballmer?

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