[News] Apple Once Again Ranked Worst on Environmental Issues; Its 'Pals' Fight Net Neutrality

[News] Apple Once Again Ranked Worst on Environmental Issues; Its 'Pals' Fight Net Neutrality

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 05 Jul 2007 17:55:50

Green Scorecard Puts IBM Top, Apple Last

,----[ Quote ]
| An organic climate change lobby group has issued green ratings for hardware
| and software-based IT suppliers as well as other businesses. IBM leads the
| IT pack while Apple, Amazon and eBay are bottom with zero green
| credentials.


IBM and Google seem to among those that care.

Apple made friends with those that help the United States' spies, but also
check this one out:

AT&T rigs net neutrality study

,----[ Quote ]
| A new study from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the
| University of Nevada Reno says that net neutrality is a bad idea.
| Of course, that's what you'd expect it to say. It was paid for by AT&T.


Apple and co. pushing for 'fast lanes', widening the digital gap, spying on
people, and doing it all at the expense of the environment. Jolly. At least
AT&T screwed iPhone's party by having activation issues, which are partly a
technical issue.

1. Comcast and the fight against Net Neutrality

2. [telecom] Comcast and the fight against Net Neutrality

ill Horne wrote:

THAT was not democratic behavior and Comcast will be bashed rightly
for that.

I, a Comcast customer, support the idea of limiting the abuse of the
bandwidth simply because I use part of that bandwidth. At the moment
this is the only way to have a remotely "Fair" distribution.

As an analogy, London now charges a toll on vehicles entering the
city core. This practice will spread.

Net Neutrality sounds simple AND democratic. But it is not as simple
as it would appear. The Backbone should be net neutral, but the last
mile should be subject to bandwidth restrictions. I suspect there
are some gray areas in between.

This rant sounds a tad paranoid to me.

I use CallVantage and have used the [old] Comcast phone service. There
was a LOT OF GRIEF switching!

Very True - too bad the anti-trust laws have been circular filed!

You are right again: it is a red herring.

What should we do?


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