[News] Linux Hosting: New Features and New Deployments

[News] Linux Hosting: New Features and New Deployments

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 26 Jan 2008 01:41:44

eb Host A2 Hosting Offers New VPS Packages

,----[ Quote ]
| Powered by OpenVZ, A2 Hosting VPS hosting ensures ll allocated hosting
| space will always be readily available The packages offer the HyperVM
| Control Panel alongside a choice of Linux operating systems from a number of
| OS templates.


StartSSLOpenID Provider

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, every subscriber at StartSSLreceives automatically a default OpenID
| identifier and an easy way to change the default nick name. It very easy to
| use and I must admit that since I started using my own identifier,
| registering and logging in at forums and blogs hasn been so easy and fun
| for a long time.


Some Linux here as well:

Nigeria: HP Introduces Enhanced Integrity Systems

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| Determined to help customers minimise costs through enhanced automation and
| improved energy efficiency, HP has upgraded its Integrity Server line-up with
| the newest processor and software.


Lots of hosting news related to Linux. It's not really possible to count
something like CentOS deployments, or even Debian. Some shills like IDC and
Gartner will use Microsoft's raw figures and definitions to paint a deceiving
picture -- a lie!


The Linux Vs. Windows Hosting Dilemma

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| 1. Linux was designed to be used by multiple concurrent users while Windows
| is based on a single user model. Even the most sophisticated Windows models
| evolved from the single user prototype.
| [...]
| 50. Even Google runs on Linux!


ServerPronto Survey Reveals Most Popular Operating Systems

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| In an internal study of its dedicated hosting customers, ServerPronto is
| shedding new light on operating system favorites. According to company data,
| ServerPronto customers rely on Fedora, Debian, Red Hat 9, Windows, FreeBSD,
| CentOS and Gentoo more than all other options on the market. Drilling down a
| little deeper, the top operating systems ServerPronto customers use break out
| like this:
| Fedora 21% Debian 17% Red Hat 15% Windows 13% FreeBSD 9% CentOS 7% Gentoo 7%


Linux versus Windows: OS impact on uptime and speed

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux was ahead of Windows every week by more than 0.5%. For
| your understanding 0.5% downtime means 50 minutes per week, or
| 216 minutes or 3 hours 36 minutes per month.


Shining a LAMP on Web 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Uptime monitoring firm Pingdom has done a small survey of some of the
| most popular Web 2.0 sites on the Internet to see what is running under
| the hood that keeps the web sites going.
| The results are a fairly conclusive vote of confidence in the LAMP
| stack: six out of the seven businesses queried are running Linux and
| MySQL, five are using Apache, and five are using PHP.


Linux-Based Website Beats Windows-Based Sites

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux websites have better uptime and load faster than Windows-based
| websites. Research by WatchMouse, a website monitoring company, also
| shows that web

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2. [News] [Linux] New Arch, New Puppy Linux, New GNOME

[Ach Linux:] 2007.05 Duke ISOs released

,----[ Quote ]
| I would like to thank you all, who assisted in testing
| and of course finding/fixing bugs, you users/devs simply
| rock.


[GNOME 2.16 Released]

,----[ Quote ]
| Enjoy the speed of Puppy as a live CD, or better still, as multi-session
| CD or DVD in your CD/DVD writer.


GNOME 2.19.2 Released!

,----[ Quote ]
| This is our second development release on our road towards GNOME
| 2.20.0, which will be released in September 2007.



GNOME 2.19.2 screenshots:


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