[News] Short Review of Sidux GNU/Linux

[News] Short Review of Sidux GNU/Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 05 Jul 2008 19:36:56

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Sidux, a Great Alternative to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Sidux is a new Debian derivative that's still just a baby, born in January
| 2007. Sidux announced a brand-new release on June 26, Sidux 2008-02, so we're
| going to kick the tires and take it for a drive, and see what sets it apart
| from other children of Debian. Currently it offers a choice of the KDE or
| Fluxbox desktop, and it supports both 32-bit i686 and AMD64.


A timely critique:

How to write a thorough review of a Linux distribution

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| I have never written a review of a Linux distribution, but I've read more
| than I can count, and many of them have been maddeningly incomplete and not
| worth the time it took to read them. Here's a list of items you need to talk
| about in order to write a thorough review, covering every aspect of the
| distribution from the initial download to the final recommendation and
| everything in between.
| Not every item below applies to every distribution; you need to choose which
| items to include and which to ignore. For example, if the distribution is for
| an embedded device, there's probably not much point in discussing window
| manager themes. However, the more you include, the better your review will
| be. You can cover some of this information in a simple table, but many of the
| points deserve more explanation.



On sidux 2008.02 Xfce

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| My overall impression so far has been a good one. There have been no major
| hangups. No overwhelming lack of performance. It performs as well as I can
| ask any Linux distro. Due to that, this release has moved sidux ( Xfce
| version, of course ) into my short list.


sidux 2008-02

,----[ Quote ]
| A little later than planned due to a number of library transitions in Debian/
| sid, we now have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of sidux
| 2008-02 "", shipping in roughly 70 MB kde-lite flavours for amd64 and
| i386 (i686), a combined i386+amd64 release with .5 GB KDE for kde-full and,
| as usual, an xdelta to add initial localisations for all currently supported
| languages. Enhancing the sidux family, a roughly 20 MB large XFCE variant
| has been added for amd64 and i386 (i686) for the first time.


Review: Sidux 2008.1

,----[ Quote ]
| Sidux's primary motto is that it's "Debian Hot and Spicy". Really, I didn't
| find anything "Hot and Spicy" about it. In fact, the entire desktop
| experience is calm, soothing, and productive. Overall I like Sidux. I'm
| very impressed with its speed, its ease of use, the tools it has and more.
| But it's not quite up to a point yet where I can recommend it to new users.
| Now if a user who had a bit more experience wanted to take it for a spin,
| then I would by all means recommend this distribution. Think of it like a
| house that has a few flaws with it. It's great for someone who doesn't mind
| tinkering, but not for someone who wants a turnkey house.
| Now in the future if they clean up the few things I mentioned and make them
| more new user friendly, then by all means I would love to recommend this
| distribution to new users