DJ Relf presiding... Good-bye radio.

DJ Relf presiding... Good-bye radio.

Post by Jeff_Rel » Mon, 03 Jan 2005 01:48:59

Hi Mooner, Re: How I plan on eventually checking out BitTorrent,
and Kazaa to download music,

You told me: << Be careful.
They have started randomly suing people who thieve music, the tune of $3000 per song ! >>

That would be really funny if they did,
I'd love to see them waiting there,
at the far end of the line of idiots,
trying to get *** from this turnip.

Remeber John, I know a lot of people, I don't really need BitTorrent.

You told me: << Normally, I just go to Amazon,
because you can get used CDs for like $5
and the postage is always a fixed $2.50.

In fact, here it is, starting at $3.50 used:

That's always an option, but there's a lot of free stuff out there,
and looking for it is part of the fun.

Re: Why libraries aren't getting sued,

They saw themselves not as a file swapping service,
but as a radio station --- effectively, * broadcasting * music
using the ftp protocol with the mp3 file format.
It's a powerful and reasonable argument. >>

I have to agree, the only difference is the quality, and who the DJ is.

Re: iRiver's special drivers to prevent .MP3 uploads,

You commented: << That's funny, since Sony was doing the same thing,
but recently cracked and is allowing mp3s on it's newer Walkmen
-- I guess they are tired of watching Apple walk away with
the whole market for portable music and download ! >>

The Muzio II ( sold only on eBay ) is a better way,
MP3s/WMAs/OGGs can be uploaded without special drivers on Unix/Mac/WinXP,
and there's no moving parts to get lost, dirty or broken.
The half gig one that I have holds only 12 CDs
( that's 8 hours, 128 Kbps MP3, 24 CDs and 16 hours with OGG )
but that's more than enough for me, as I can always download more
and because I'm very selective about what I want to hear,
...If I don't like the currently playing song,
it gets deleted from the Flash memory immediately.
DJ Relf presiding... Good-bye radio.

Re: My claim that Borland, Corel Word Perfect, IBM's Lotus 1-2-3, emacs, etc.
are Micro-Soft's competition... not just Linux,

You replied: << C'mon... all those companies, with the exception of Linux,
initially offered superior products
but were later eviscerated by Microsoft's bundling policies. >>

Office/Visual_Studio/Excel are not bundled with WinXP.