[News] New Version of Compiz (Linux Eye Candy) Released; Firebird 2.0.3 Also Released

[News] New Version of Compiz (Linux Eye Candy) Released; Firebird 2.0.3 Also Released

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 03 Oct 2007 21:55:14

[compiz] [ANNOUNCE] compiz-0.6.0

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| ======================
| Better support for multiple X-screens.
| XML-based meta-data system for handling of various kinds
| for meta-data like plugin descriptions, default option
| values, etc.


Firebird v.2.0.3 is Released

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| The Firebird Project team is pleased to announce the release of Firebird
| v.2.0.3. Kits for Windows and Linux (x86 and x64) are in the Sourceforge
| repository and should start to appear throughout the day. Enjoy!


New issue of Linux Gazette:

October 2007 (#143)


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2. [News] Linux Eye Candy: Compiz/Xgl Has Easter Eggs and Hidden Effects

How-To Configure iddenCompiz/Xgl Effects

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| To make it easier to setup and configure XGL and Compiz Novell created a
| program named esktop Effectsin Control Center. If you have registered
| with Novell Customer center this will automatically install the video driver
| (if it not already installed) and configure your computer to use Xgl and
| compiz. While you can use the Desktop Effects application to configure your
| effects, there are some effects that are not configurable through this
| application.




Awesome CompizFusion Plugin: Cube Atlantis [video]

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| People are quickly discovering all the awesome plugins of the new
| CompizFusion. One of coolest plugins, in my opinion, is the new "Cube
| Atlantis".



Fusioncast: Episode II

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| In this episode...
| 1. A git howto!
| 2. A get-git script howto!
| 3. The first n00bs section, where we talk about compiz running
| (or not running) on Windows, as well as mention the benefits of using
| the Terminal!
| 4. A demo, and instructions on how to install, the Screensaver
| Plugin!
| 5. Tips section, including nvidia black window bug problems and
| Avant Window Navigator!
| 6. The Plugin Idea of the Week!


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