. Face-to-face work .

. Face-to-face work .

Post by Jeff Rel » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:56:29

rom The Today's Wall Street Journal ,
Monday , January 19, 2004
" a programmer in China with three to five years experience
would cost about 12.50 dollars an hour ,
including salary and benefits .
A person familiar with IBM's internal billing rates
says that's less than one-fourth of
the 56-dollars-an-hour cost
of a comparable U.S. employee ,
which also includes salary and benefits "
" a Chinese project manager with seven years experience
would be billed at 24-dollars-an-hour ,
equivalent to a U.S. ' Band 8 '
billed at about 81 dollars hourly "

IMB's programmers are getting
over one hundred thousand dollars per year ? !
( No wonder EDS and Perot systems are so rich )

" internal documents from [ IBM ] show that
it expects to save 168 million dollars annually
starting in 2006 by shifting
several thousand high-paying programming jobs overseas "
" This ' offshoring ' process
has raised fears that even high-skill jobs
that were supposed to represent the U.S.'s future
are being lost to countries that
have already taken over low-skill factory work "

Hmm ... They're offshoring High paying jobs .

" [ IBM ] expects to shift 3,000 U.S. jobs overseas
this year "
" IBM expects to add 15,000 jobs world-wide this year ,
with a net total of 5,000 of them in the U.S. .
That would increase IBM's world-wide employment to 330,000 ,
the highest level since 1991 "

That's a big company , bigger than Boeing or Microsoft .

" Democratic presidential hopefuls have cited the trend
as they have criticized the jobless recovery "
Others argue , however ,
that the jobs lost are typically replaced by other ,
higher-paying jobs "

Personally , I don't care about " Higher-paying " jobs ,
I care about my free time and the quality of my work .
Control is my goal ... i.e. Quality , Never quantity .

" The documents describe work done by
IBM's Application Management Services division ,
part of Big Blue's giant global-services operation ,
which comprises
more than half of the company's 315,000 employees .
The affected workers don't deal directly with customers ;
they write code and perform other programming tasks
for applications software used inside IBM "

Surprise Surprise ! Face-to-face work is more secure .

" IBM plans to transfer the programming work
to its own operations in Bangalore , India ;
Shanghai and the northeastern city of Dalian in China ;
and Sumare , Brazil "

Why aren't Romania , Russia , etc. on this list ?

Sumare is 10 miles from Campinas , 60 miles from S Paulo ,
S Paulo is about 220 miles ( 354 kilometers)
southwest of Rio de Janeiro
and about 30 miles inland from the port of Santos .
S Paulo's name derives from its having been
founded by Jesuit missionaries on January 25, 1554 .

" Some of the foreign programmers will come to the U.S.
for several weeks of on-the-job training

. Face-to-face work .

Post by John Bail » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 12:47:42

We gave them our steel and automobile industries two decades ago, and
yet our standard of living has risen immeasurably.

Don't you get it, Jeff? We spin off the *** to them -- and keep the
good shit for ourselves.


. Face-to-face work .

Post by Jeff Rel » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:13:06

Hi John Bailo ,
Re: Which jobs get exported ,
You say ,
" We gave them our steel and automobile industries
two decades ago ,
and yet our standard of living has risen immeasurably .
Don't you get it , Jeff ?
We spin off the *** to them --
and keep the good shit for ourselves . "

I agree , My job has a lot of face to face ,
so I'm not so worried .

I'm glad I'm not competing with those programmers
from India and Romania who make all those
one dollar bids on the web ... That's Not face-to-face !

. Face-to-face work .

Post by Bill Vaj » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:28:21

Don't forget that we have also allowed very cheap
labor into this country and hold them at arm's
length from the benefits they're paying for.

Compared to what they had going back at home they
still think it is a great deal.

So do we.

. Face-to-face work .

Post by John Bail » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:29:43

They do web pages.

We do XML.

They do XML.

We do p2p.

They do Individual.NET -- we do java phones.

See, if they want to build HTML for $3000 a year -- let them. We're
creating the next great OOP Web application server.