[News] [Linux] Ubuntu Linux Expands in Europe, Sidux (Debian) and Mint Linux (Ubuntu) Compared

[News] [Linux] Ubuntu Linux Expands in Europe, Sidux (Debian) and Mint Linux (Ubuntu) Compared

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 06 Jun 2007 10:46:25

buntu Weekly Newsletter Issue43

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| Swiss Team Approved
| The Swiss LoCo team provides support to members all official Swiss
| languages and collaborates in translations into German, French, and
| Italian. The team has thrown several release parties and install
| fests and has appeared in a local IT newspaper.


Sidux vs. Mint: Can You Live the Pure Open Source Life?

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| There are valid and compelling reasons why one might want to use only
| Open Source Software. Avoids any patent or IP legal issues, better
| security, and encourages innovation are just a few. However, on the
| other side of the argument there are justifiable reasons for the
| inclusion of multimedia codecs, proprietary drivers, and closed
| software in modern Linux distributions. Neither side is wrong.



Test Driving Linux Mint Cassandra

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| All in all, the system looks very good, I like the new artwork, it's
| fast, it includes almost everything you'll ever need for your daily
| tasks and if you cannot find something you need, I suggest you to try
| the new Software Portal that Linux Mint created for FREE. I'm not a
| GNOME fan and all that, but Linux Mint makes this aspect disappear
| very fast and who knows, I may start to like the GNOME desktop after
| all. Give Linux Mint Cassandra a try and I bet it will be love at
| first sight.


Torrent Details For "Linux Mint 3.0 "Cassandra" CD Image"

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| Linux Mint 3.0, code name "Cassandra", has been released: This is Linux
| Mint 3.0 based on Linux Mint 2.2 'Bianca' and compatible with Ubuntu
| 7.04 Feisty and its repositories.


sidux 2007-02

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| After 3 months of development we are proud to announce the
| immediate availability of the sidux-2007-02...


sidux 2007-02 Preview 1 Screenshot Tour

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| What's on the menu: Debian sid, up to date as of 2007-05-13; kernel
| (SMP, voluntary preemption, mac80211); minimal, but fully
| functional KDE 3.5.6 (en + de); completely overhauled early boot
| sequence; largely adapted installer and graphical installer
| front-end; enhanced installer for meta tasks; new artwork;o
| ffline manual...


Sidux: A live CD for Debian unstable

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| It's a rare distribution that impresses me before I've even tried it,
| but sidux did just that when, a few hours after I'd downloaded and
| burned a two-day-old preview release, the project announced that the
| next release was available for download.


SIDUX 2007-01 Linux LiveCD

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| Screenshots gallery


Testdriving Sidux 2007

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| Sidux ships with a 2.6.20 kernel, Xorg 7.1.1, gcc 4.1.2, and KDE
| 3.5.5. Iceweasel appears to be the default browser and
| OpenOffice.org is only at version 2.0.4. Besides what appears to
| be most of the KDE apps, other apps include The Gimp, Amarok,
| K3B, Kaffine, Scribus,