[News] New Push for Open Source Software in Schools; Philippines Pushing for Open Source Mandate

[News] New Push for Open Source Software in Schools; Philippines Pushing for Open Source Mandate

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 10 Mar 2007 21:41:19

P firm builds open source curriculum for schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Filipino software firm Exist Global is developing a courseware
| based on its own open source platform for distribution to
| universities and schools that teach software development courses.


Open source bill hits snag in Congress

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| The bill was criticized by the Philippine Software Industry
| Association (PSIA), an industry group representing major
| software vendors. In a statement, PSIA said the bill limits
| freedom of choice among users and hinders the growth of the industry.


There is a lot of lobbying there. Some of it is listed below. A quiet
majority ought to end piravy and dependence while the lobbyists fear
disruptive software.


EU experts to conduct open source workshops

,----[ Quote ]
| The event, titled "Philippine Conference on Free and Open Source
| Software and E- Governance," will be held March 7-8 at the
| Edsa Shangri-la Hotel in Mandaluyong City.


CICT offers open source software packages for Filipinos

,----[ Quote ]
| The "Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) CD Kit Series" hopes to
| discourage the use of unlicensed software and promote the
| distribution of software and documents under the free and open
| source licensing models, the CICT said.
| In a report distributed by the CICT Human Capital Development
| Group, the agency said the software packages comprise freely
| available open source software that can run on either the Linux
| or Windows operating system.


Via, Puppy Linux tout "affordable" computing

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| Puppy Linux was guest-of-honor at an "Affordable Community
| Computing Workshop" this week in the Philippines, where
| participants assembled and took home ultra low-cost, PC-like
| computing devices. The workshop was sponsored by Via and
| several organizations working to close the "digital divide"
| in the Philippines.


FOSS Bill Listed For First Public Hearing

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| Listed for November 15th, the hearing by The Committee on Information and
| Communications Technology has invited comment from various stakeholders
| potentially affected by the bill, including community representatives as
| well as industry giants Microsoft and Oracle.


Philippine Linux Company Promotes Free Software by Offering Rental and Lease
to Own Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| Philippine-based Linux company GEN Automation Technologies does their
| share in promoting Free Software by providing small and medium sized
| enterprises (SMEs) the options to avail of rental and lease-to-own
| servers running on Open Source software.


DSWD shifting to open source software -- official

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| DSWD will slowly introduce PCLinux, a flavor of open source software, as
| an alternative desktop platform in the agency. The trained employees will
| then help other employees in the migration to open source software,
| the official added.
| "This is no longer an