Windowps: except for total mouse and keyboard freezes, it's still Linux thats great

Windowps: except for total mouse and keyboard freezes, it's still Linux thats great

Post by 7 » Sun, 22 Jun 2008 20:19:24

Micoshaft fraudster and asstroturfer DFS wrote on behalf of Half Wits from
Micoshaft Corporation:

I find most OS freezing problems in the office are to do with WINDUMMY OSen.
So too does most of the public because of badly written virus prone

Never mind Doofus, you are still doing a great job of a bad job
of working as an asstrotufer for Micoshaft Corporation.

I'm sure you are looking out the window and wondering when you will
ever become free of the Micoshaft burden and do something worthwhile
like deleting ALL your WINDUMMY PCs and installing Linux.

Shoveling net abuse into COLA must really hurt your pride
as you feel a genuine Linux advocate after learning some Linux,
but your need to feed your money spending habbits force you to work for
Micoshaft posting help forum messages after help forum message in net abuse
tactics; and your posts become as worthless as commercial advertising rants.

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I have a new Dell w/ a Pentium D dual core processor about a week old. It's
now crashed. The system boots up Windows XP Media Edition starts fine. Then
it freezes when Webroot Spy Sweeper loads and has an error mesage regarding a
problem last time it closed. Dell rep had me boot up do an F12 key and
perform a "Express Test". Then we tried the F8 key on the next reboot and
restored last known good configruation. That didn't work. He suggested
reinstalling Windows. Great but I'll lose all more programs. Any

I'm a basic user, no technical savy

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