[News] [Linux] Red Hat Sees Business Growing, No Impact from Red Hat

[News] [Linux] Red Hat Sees Business Growing, No Impact from Red Hat

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 12 May 2007 08:35:27

Red Hat: Growing its influence through RHX and RHN

,----[ Quote ]
| First off, in today's executive press roundtable Matthew Szulik noted
| that Red Hat now signs up 10-15,000 new customers every 90 days. That's
| a shockingly large number, especially when you consider how many of its
| major customers it loses.


Red Hat unfazed by Oracle competition

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat isn't seeing any real impact from Oracle's entry into the
| Linux support market six months ago.
| [...]
| "Now, after six months of experience, I think that the company is
| competing well. Our rate of acceptance with customers is extremely high.


Sales rose 41%, according to their last reports. That's many more Linux
servers out there.


Red Hat Sees Green

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| The Linux operating system that Red Hat's business is built around is
| free to share and distribute. But while it's easy to become an
| open-source distributor, it's more difficult to become expert
| enough with the stuff to make a living supporting it. Take Red
| Hat rival Novell. The Waltham, Mass.-based software company has
| struggled since moving into the open-source software business
| and positioning itself as an alternative to Red Hat, with its
| shares falling more than 35%, to $7.18 from $11.38, over the
| past three years.


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Stratus Unveils Two New Fault-Tolerant Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition to using dual-core Xeon chips in its low-end ftServer 2500 and
| midrange ftServer 4400, Stratus announced July 16 that it will offer support
| for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS4 operating system across its
| fault-tolerant line.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ,1895,2158576,00.asp

Microsoft: No IP Talks with Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| That approach will not work for Red Hat; Cormier's position has been, "I want
| to talk to the folks at Microsoft about our two operating systems and how we
| can work together to solve real customer problems without attaching any
| unrelated strings, such as intellectual property."

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ,1895,2159118,00.asp

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