[News] US Government Indifferent to Intellectual Monopoly Abuse

[News] US Government Indifferent to Intellectual Monopoly Abuse

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 14 May 2008 23:18:59

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Patent Reform Act stalls in the Senate

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| After years of heated debate and lobbying, the Patent Reform Act of 2007,
| which passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and was scheduled for a
| Senate vote this session, has been taken off the Senate's calendar. It can be
| revived, but its momentum has effectively fizzled.
| Apparently, the Senate has better things to do with its time.


Let's bet that the Microsoft appeal to the ECJ is about patents

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| Microsoft is appealing the decision of the European Commission over the 900M
| EUR fine. Microsoft is not happy about the patent licensing terms that the
| Commission has negotiated, and want to tax open source projects, such Samba
| and Redhat:
| Microsoft argues that the licensing terms demanded by the EC violate its
| intellectual property rights.
| Let's bet that the Microsoft appeal to the ECJ is about patents. My nose is
| rarely wrong.



Why Microsoft Was Wrong

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| There cannot be many businesspeople who doubt that a monopolist can use its
| market power to squash even the most efficient rival producers of goods or
| services that interact with the monopolized product. There cannot be many
| venture capitalists who would invest in a company whose market can at any
| moment fall under the sway of an entrenched neighboring monopolist whose
| behavior was subject to no limits.
| What I will do is continue to look hard at the actions of monopolists. I will
| use my practical business experience to help me understand the dynamics of
| markets. I will look for answers that maintain the incentives of everyone on
| the market to innovate, and not just the friendly neighborhood monopolist.
| Power has to be used responsibly, by the enforcement agencies and by the
| monopolists. I will not look for fights, but where interventions will make
| consumers better off, I will not shy away from them.


Microsoft, antitrust and innovation, by Georg Greve

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| 1st Fallacy: That the Ruling Punishes Innovation
| [...]
| 2nd Fallacy: That Google, Apple and All Successful Companies Need to Fear


Microsoft Hard-Balling EU Over Vista

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| "This is part of the negotiating strategy," a person familiar with the
| situation told internetnews.com. "They're in a public relations battle."
| Microsoft made the same threat to South Korean regulators, but did not
| follow through when they lost that battle.


EU reportedly threatening new Microsoft fines

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| Microsoft could face a fine of up to $3.85 million a day it if
| failed to comply, it added. Kroes told the Guardian that she was
| growing tired of waiting for Microsoft to meet her demands.


Microsoft sets spinners on court verdict

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| Microsoft may have lost in c

[News] US Government Indifferent to Intellectual Monopoly Abuse

Post by Phil Da Li » Wed, 14 May 2008 23:41:45

Let's hope that the more sensible commisioners use this as a cast iron
demonstration that the pro-cii lobby ARE in fact in favour of pure
software patent regime.