Latest SCO legal filings

Latest SCO legal filings

Post by Thomas Fra » Mon, 20 Oct 2003 08:40:47

SCO has filed two legal briefs in the last few days.

1. Reply to Redhat's memorandum in opposition. See
of Redhat's memorandum. See #comments for
comments on SCO's response.

SCO's response was much better than its previous filings, especially in
its legal citations, but, IMO, does not come close to refuting Redhat's

Analysis of Redhat's and SCO's positions will probably appear in GROKLAW
over the next few days.

2. SCO Requests a Delay on Answering IBM Motion to Compel. See
10/24. IBM opposes the delay. It looks like SCO will have to respond by
next Friday. They should not be able to put off presenting *** arguments
much longer. Then I would expect the judge to rule that SCO must provide
detailed claims, including what lines of Linux code violate what lines of
SCO's code.