[News] Microsoft is Plotting to Hijack HTML, Kill JPEG, Kill PDF, Kill Flash

[News] Microsoft is Plotting to Hijack HTML, Kill JPEG, Kill PDF, Kill Flash

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 28 Jan 2007 17:36:19

ECIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

,----[ Quote ]
| An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft
| in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its
| public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing
| Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of
| the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon forn
| etwork applications.



Software rivals say Microsoft's Vista illegal in Europe (at CNNMoney.com)

,----[ Excerpt ]
| Software manufacturers, citing 2004 European Commission finding,
| contend the operating system violates server laws in Europe.
| [...]
| "Vista is the first step of Microsoft's strategy to extend its market
| *** to the Internet," the ECIS statement said.
| It said Microsoft's XAML markup language was "positioned to replace HTML,"
| the industry standard for publishing documents on the Internet.
| Microsoft's own language would be dependent on Windows, and discriminatory
| against rival systems such as Linux, the group says.
| They said a so-called "open XML" platform file format, known as OOXML, is
| designed to run seamlessly only on the Microsoft Office platform.


Windows Vista Product Guide: Free to Download, $149 to Read

,----[ Quote ]
| 'Windows Vista Product Guide' was released in two formats:
| Microsoft Office Word 2007
| The standard .doc format isn't good enough, you need to be able to
| read a .docx file, so all those users of Office XP are just plain
| out of luck on
| this one.
| What the heck is XPS? I hadn't heard of it before now, (a quick
| Google tells me XPS is Microsoft's proprietary rival to PDF)
| but apparently you need a special reader for it (which is
| kindly enough built into Vista, but nothing else).


Adobe could still sue Microsoft: paper

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's new Vista software, due to be released early next
| year, contains a version of fixed document formats which would
| compete with Adobe's PDF format. Microsoft has pledged to make
| changes to its version.


Vista to give HD Photo format more exposure

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is looking to supplant the ubiquitous JPEG with an image format
| of its own--and it's hoping the debut of Windows Vista will help do the
| job.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ +to+give+HD+Photo+format+more+exposure/2100-1045_3-6153730.html

List of candidate Microsoft astroturfers (directly or indirectly paid by
Microsoft to post in this newsgroup):

Damian O'Leary (AKA Hadron Quark)
Erik Funkenbusch
Larry Qualig (former Microsoft employee)
Scott Nudds (AKA Vistaking)
Nedd Ludd
Tim Smith
Ana Thema

Take everything posted by the individuals above with a barrel of salt.

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Except I don't want to warm boot the device. As far as I can tell, what
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