[News] Sony's Linux Pages Exposed; Dell Urged to Lower Price of PCs with GNU/Linux Preinstalled

[News] Sony's Linux Pages Exposed; Dell Urged to Lower Price of PCs with GNU/Linux Preinstalled

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 26 Feb 2007 22:12:06

elcome to the Sony Open Source Code Distribution web page.

,----[ Quote ]
| To access to the GPL and LGPL Code used in Sony products, select
| a product from the list on the page that follows.


The amount of Linux code for televisions if vast.

Dell, Thank you for the n series... please fix the prices!

,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently it's cheaper to have Windows on your Dell than not to.
| Why is this? Please fix it, or at least tell us why... a large part
| of the reason for most who want Linux on a Dell is to save money
| and/or to not support Microsoft. I don't wish to support a company
| that chooses to push its poor excuse for an operating system
| through monopolistic practices, as proven in court numerous times.
| Although I'd prefer seeing pre-installed Linux, the n-series is
| indeed a step in the right direction. Ubuntu, SuSE, vanilla
| Debian, and Redhat/Fedora being options would make me happy.



Hey dude, you're getting Linux on that Dell

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell Inc. has announced that it's taking the user suggestions
| seriously and will soon debut and sell a new line of certified,
| user-ready Linux-loaded desktop and laptop computers.


At Dell, Windows XP Home is $19 less than worthless

,----[ Quote ]
| Latitude D520N Duo (with FreeDOS): $984
| Latitude D520 Dual Core (with Windows XP Home Edition SP2): $965


Microsoft Shuts Down Linux 10 Years Ago Says Iowa Attorne

,----[ Quote ]
| Going back now to as early as 1998, Microsoft starts to realize that
| Linux might pose a possible threat, and Vinod Valloppillil, who is
| a program manager at Microsoft, is asked by Mr. Allchin, Jim Allchin,
| to analyze potential strategies for combatting open-source software,
| and specifically Linux.
| His memos are leaked to the press in April -- I beg your pardon --
| in October of 1998 and become known as the Halloween documents.
| And the evidence will be that Microsoft uses its influence in the
| OEM channel, the computer manufacture channel, to make sure that
| end users have a difficult time buying PCs with Linux preinstalled.


Microsoft's Dirty OEM-Secret

,----[ Quote ]
| They are, in short the secret to Microsoft's success. And the word
| secret is to be taken quite literally: No OEM may talk about the
| contents of his contract, or he will lose his license, and (assumption)
| likely be sued for breach of contract as well.


Jury Hears Microsoft Competition Suit

,----[ Quote ]
| A judge on Friday told jurors they must accept as fact that a
| federal court found in 1999 that Microsoft holds a monopoly over
| computer operating systems and that it restricted computer
| manufacturers' ability to use competing systems.
| [...]
| She said she'll show that the company used its monopoly power
| to exclude competition and control prices and that it conspired with
| other companies to r

[News] Sony's Linux Pages Exposed; Dell Urged to Lower Price of PCs with GNU/Linux Preinstalled

Post by B Gruf » Tue, 27 Feb 2007 00:10:47


"A Microsoft spokesman could not be reached for comment"

Made my day:-)


[News] Sony's Linux Pages Exposed; Dell Urged to Lower Price of PCs with GNU/Linux Preinstalled

Post by [H]ome » Tue, 27 Feb 2007 01:29:53

Verily I say unto thee, that B Gruff spake thusly:


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