[News] [Rival] More OOXML Lobbying and Manipulation by Microsoft in Germany

[News] [Rival] More OOXML Lobbying and Manipulation by Microsoft in Germany

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 27 Nov 2007 08:29:48

icrosoft sponsors DIN conference

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| An american company sponsors a lobby event for its Open XML format which is
| organised by the German standard body and takes place in a German ministry.
| Public officials and German rent-a-scientists join to listen to Microsoft and
| Bitkom.


Bundesfinanzhof wants less Microsoft

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| summary:
| German Bundesfinanzhof presents its annual audit. The German phallanx for
| open standards and open source, KBSt is urged to do more against
| an "established vendor with a market coverage of 90%".
| [...]
| It seems the Bundesfinanzhof still has a lot of work to do if lawfirms from
| oversees get contracted by our federal administration. Microsoft lobbyists
| should not draft German procurement policies or interpret them legally.



What Happened in Germany [on OOXML]

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| It looks like Germany is the new Portugal, actually. You do remember how in
| Portugal IBM and Sun were not allowed in the room because it was
| allegedly "too small" despite having empty chairs? Well, in Germany, Google
| and Deutsche Telekom were allowed in the room but were not allowed to vote,
| heise says.


Germany remains no-go area for Microsoft's Zune

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| "The German market for MP3 players is one of the most difficult on the
| planet", Stephan Brechtmann said, putting Microsoft's challenge with
| marketing the Zune in Germany in a nutshell. Brechtmann, who is responsible
| for "entertainment & devices" at Microsoft Germany, announced that the vendor
| won't compete against Apple's iPod in the near future.


German Linux Trade Group to MS: Be Specific About Patents - It's the Law

(in German)

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| "Ballmer's assertion must be viewed as the typical Microsoft approach
| to alienate the market by spreading rumors or threats", said the
| official representative of the Linux related companies in Germany
| in a statement made in Berlin on November 27th 2006. "This is
| obviously part of a PR campaign related to the market launch of
| Windows Vista....If Microsoft cannot show evidence to support
| their claims, then they are outside the boundaries of German
| competition regulations. We call upon Microsoft to either prove
| their case, or to refrain from making such unfounded statements.
| Furthermore, we call upon European Politicians to protect open
| competition in Europe. In particular, small and mid sized companies,
| which form the majority of European Linux service providers, need to
| be protected from tedious legal disputes resulting from pretended
| assertions of Microsoft."


Microsoft Germany CEO quits over strategy

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| He said Redmond was forcing increasing restrictions on its German
| subsidiary and ignoring local requirements.


Microsoft Looks for the Big Guns in OOXML In-Fighting

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| Bill Gates has