[News] Reviews of the New Parsix Linux, Sidux with Xfce

[News] Reviews of the New Parsix Linux, Sidux with Xfce

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 02 Jul 2008 23:28:46

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A Symphony For Viola: Parsix 1.5r0 Review

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| I can't praise Parsix 1.5r0 enough: It's stable while being cutting edge,
| stylish while being practical and is certainly in my top five favourite
| distributions, which is saying something given how low-profile it remains
| (it's still only at No 57 on the Distrowatch page-hit ranking list, which is
| ridiculously low).
| Try it please and you'll see what I mean.


On sidux 2008.02 Xfce

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| My overall impression so far has been a good one. There have been no major
| hangups. No overwhelming lack of performance. It performs as well as I can
| ask any Linux distro. Due to that, this release has moved sidux ( Xfce
| version, of course ) into my short list.


Last week:

Parsix GNU/Linux 1.5r0 codename 'Viola' has been released

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| After a two-week delay, we proudly announce the immediate availability of
| Parsix GNU/Linux 1.5r0 codename 'Viola'. Parsix Viola brings several new
| features, contains a new kernel, updated software packages, updated
| documentation, improved installer system and several fixes for the reported
| defects.


sidux 2008-02

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| A little later than planned due to a number of library transitions in Debian/
| sid, we now have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of sidux
| 2008-02 "", shipping in roughly 70 MB kde-lite flavours for amd64 and
| i386 (i686), a combined i386+amd64 release with .5 GB KDE for kde-full and,
| as usual, an xdelta to add initial localisations for all currently supported
| languages. Enhancing the sidux family, a roughly 20 MB large XFCE variant
| has been added for amd64 and i386 (i686) for the first time.

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