[News] Latest Linux Mint Release a Success, Pardus Linux 2007.3 Released

[News] Latest Linux Mint Release a Success, Pardus Linux 2007.3 Released

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 20 Nov 2007 15:54:06

Date with Daryna

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| I can honestly say that Daryna is yet another successful distribution release
| of Mint. It is highly recommended for those who want a hassle-free Linux
| distribution because of its exceptional hardware and software support,
| ease-of-use, and ever growing online community that can provide some
| technical assistance. I can also recommend Mint 4.0 to newbies as it can be
| painlessly configured without even touching a CLI. As a final point, Daryna
| undoubtedly maintained or even improved Mint natural elegance.


Pardus Linux 2007.3 Duyuruldu

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| Pardus Linux version 2007.3 is now released.



Release Notes for Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna

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| This is Linux Mint 4.0, codename Daryna, based on Celena and compatible with
| Ubuntu Gutsy and its repositories


Release Notes for Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna XFCE Community Edition BETA 008

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| This is the first BETA release of Linux Mint 4.0 XFCE CE, codename Daryna,
| based on Celena XFCE CE and compatible with Ubuntu Gutsy and its
| repositories.


ReviewLinux.com: Linux Mint 4.0 - An Elegant Linux

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| Linux Mint 4.0 Beta was released yesterday October 26 2007 and I thought I
| would have a quick look at it. Linux Mint is not packed full of software but
| it does have a great look and well worth looking at. Check out the images as
| well as the Flash Video of Linux Mint 4.0 Beta in action.


Linux Mint 3.1 Review

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| Great Vision, Great prospects, but losing some it somewhere in the crowd.
| [...]
| I have to admit that Mint is one of the most beginner friendly distribution
| out there. It is the only distribution that I installed on my dad's machine
| and he is really happy with it.


Linux Mint Review

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| This review is about the all new Linux Mint 3.1, codenamed "Celena". Mint is
| based on Ubuntu (in this version Ubuntu 7.04) and is compatible with its
| repositories, meaning that you get access to the huge Ubuntu repository which
| contains over 10.000 programs. But lets see everything in detail.


A Test Drive with Celena - a.k.a. Linux Mint 3.1

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| The final version of Linux Mint 3.1 (codename Celena) burst onto the Linux
| scene two days ago. It based on Cassandra and is compatible with Ubuntu
| Feisty and its repositories.


ReviewLinux.Com: Linux Mint 3.1 Celena

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| Linux Mint is fast becoming the best alternative for your desktop computing.
| With many Linux Distributions on the market to choose from Linux Mint feel
| they have a great operating system that is ready to tackle the Linux
| marketplace. I have done a short tour of the new Linux Mint 3.1 Celena.
| Screenshots and Flash video make up this article.


A Date with Cassandra

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