[News] New Linux Kernel and Foresight 2.0.4 GNU/Linux Released

[News] New Linux Kernel and Foresight 2.0.4 GNU/Linux Released

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 26 Jul 2008 19:02:35

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| We (the -stable team) are announcing the release of the
| kernel.


[Foresight 2.0.4]

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| Foresight GNOME Edition features the GNOME desktop environment, created and
| maintained by The GNOME Project, as the interface for Foresight Linux. Thanks
| to dedicated teams within The GNOME Project, GNOME provides usability,
| accessibility, and freedom focused on creating software that is easy and
| enjoyable for everyone to use. Taking advantage of its rolling releases,
| Foresight can promptly release an updated GNOME edition each time GNOME has a
| new release, making Foresight the top choice when demonstrating the latest



Foresight Linux Review

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| GIMP is installed, but it not added into the Graphics menu. I wonder if
| itl be there if I reboot? I did run it from the command line and that
| worked. This is soemthing they definitely need to fix if they want to be the
| easy to use distro. After I rebooted, it was in the menu.
| Overall, the distro does a very nice job of picking a small amount of
| programs to have installed as the default. It weird that they didn have
| The GIMP installed by default, but no biggie there. It IS bad that it wasn
| in the menu as soon as being installed. It nice to be able to upgrade to
| the latest Gnome without having to install a whole new version of the distro.
| I don see anything special about it make it appeal to new users that
| doesn also apply to Ubuntu or any of these others. Il keep an eye on
| Foresight in the future, but nothing necessarily pulls me to it right now.



Foresight KDE Alpha-Alpha-Pre-Alpha-Pre Screenshot

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| Plans are to build a 3.5.9 Stable version and wait until 4.1 is released to
| push out a 4.1 version.


NEWS: Foresight Linux 2.0 Released

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| Overall, the installation went great, the user experience was great,
| PackageKit is easy to use, the User Guide is a great plus, all GNOMEish apps
| (except GIMP) are included... So, if there is someone who wants a different
| and fresh GNOME based desktop, Foresight is one of the best choices.

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