[News] [Rival] Microsoft Spins, Lies, and FUDs with OOXML, Resorts to Lobbying and Crime

[News] [Rival] Microsoft Spins, Lies, and FUDs with OOXML, Resorts to Lobbying and Crime

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 05 Aug 2007 22:48:55

icrosoft FUD Watch, 8-3-07

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| At first glance, Robertson's statement is fairly innocuous. He is referring
| to Massachusetts' decision to support OOXML (Open Office XML) formats. The
| best FUD isn't immediately obvious. Microsoft PR agency sent this statement
| proactively, with lots of additional information. Usually, I have to pull out
| information kicking and screaming; it doesn't come this easy. There is a
| reason, and it's FUD.
| Microsoft is trying to fast track OOXML through ISO ratification, but there
| has been resistance. Even the United States ISO representative committee has,
| so far, failed to support OOXML standards ratification. Microsoft needed some
| good news, and Massachusetts delivered somend powerful, because the
| Commonwealth had planned to dump Office altogether.
| Microsoft's Doug Mahugh and Jason Matusow piped in with blogs about the OOXML
| support by Massachusetts, which was expected, by the way. It's all FUD
| because the reasoning is this: If Massachusetts now considers OOXML open, it
| must truly be open. The Commonwealth also considers Adobe's PDF as open, too.
| It's not.


The Cradle of Independence Rolls Over for Microsoft

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| The alarming thing is that Massachusetts is just one of several states that
| are in the same boat. Bill Gates and Company get wind that a state is
| thinking about adopting an open format and they send in the lobbyists.


Crime watch:

Microsoft rewrites history in Massachusetts



Microsoft Breaks the [ODF] Plugins

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun is having trouble because Microsoft is breaking interoperability
| deliberately through hi-jinks with the Dynamic-Link Libraries ("dll") in


Secrets and anonymous comments

,----[ Quote ]
| Every once is a while I get an anonymous comment or a tip about something
| that happened in losedstandards meetings. This is especially true lately
| where the various national bodies are deliberating whether they should
| support Microsoft OOXML product specification for Microsoft Office.
| [...]
| Slanted, inappropriate, and biased behavior (in any way in any direction and
| for anyone) is not allowable, in my mind, when deciding this and other
| important standards issues. I repeat: All this information must be made
| public and those running the processes must be accountable to each other,
| their fellow citizens, and the various standards organizations and committees
| in which they participate.


Microsoft is Outmuscling OOXML Opposition in Spain

,----[ Quote ]
| The Andalusian Government has reported recently the manipulation of Microsoft
| in the National Technical Committee 71 of AENOR. On July 10th, just the day
| before the one and only meeting of AENOR to study DIS 29500 and vote on it,
| Microsoft announced officially (via the secretary of the Committee) that that
| Andalusian Government and several other Spanish public entities were asking
| for the approval of ISO DIS 29500 (what f