[News] [Linux] New Version of GCC Released, Pioneer Stagecoach (Linux) Released

[News] [Linux] New Version of GCC Released, Pioneer Stagecoach (Linux) Released

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 18 May 2007 11:53:12

ools: GCC 4.2.0 Released

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| Mark Mitchell announced the availability of GCC 4.2 saying, "GCC 4.2.0
| is a major release, containing new functionality not available in GCC
| 4.1.x or previous GCC releases." He then linked the GCC 4.2 Release
| Series Changes, New Features, and Fixes document for more details as
| to what is new in this release.


Also released:


2007-05-15: Distribution Release: Pioneer Stagecoach


Technalign releases Beta 1 of Stage Coach

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| Technalign, Inc. has released the long awaited beta 1 of Pioneer
| Stage Coach. Stage Coach is the combined server and workstation,
| which includes the full functionality of Pioneer MigrationSERVER
| as well as Pioneer Basic. Stage Coach is intended for any
| individual running a server and workstation at home while it
| is perfect for a SOHO or single user business.


Pioneer Basic Release 2 -- How much horse power is in this Linux from

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| I a was extremely pleased with the look and feel of Pioneer and in
| the overall performance. For a KDE system, it didn't lag as some does
| and minus adding in Synaptic and getting my wireless to work,
| everything else seemed to be extremely typical of a Kubuntu system.


Pioneer Basic Release 2

,----[ Quote ]
| All Pioneer products come in two flavors - Free for download and also
| with full support. Both versions are live CDs and allow you to learn
| and play before you install. The difference between the two products
| is free does not come with support and is only supported by the community
| via the forums and knowledge base. The paid version comes with 3 years
| of upgrade protection as well as installation assistance and basic
| support services via a Technalign support representative. The free
| version is licensed under the GPL, and Technalign hopes one day to
| become become the Pioneers of Free and Open Source software. The
| free versions are NOT to be sold for profit and only to be given
| away.


Technalign, Inc. releases RC2 of Pioneer Basic Release 2

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| Technalign is also requesting that the communities let development know
| whether to keep Adept or replace it with Synaptic. Currently Pioneer
| includes Adept and there appears to be a split with regards to which should
| be included in the final release.


Technalign Releases Linux Based Computer Forensics Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Warren Woodford, CEO of MEPIS, LLC, said, "The new Frontier Forensics
| tool represents the next generation in both Linux and Forensics,
| helping both law enforcement and corporate security to secure
| evidence, solve crimes, and secure networks."


Technalign Releases Pioneer Linux In 32 And 64 Bit Versions

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| The community edition includes many features found previously in
| Frontier. Both Pioneer 32 and 64 include Firefox 2.0, Thunderbird
| and Kmail email clients, OpenOffice.org, and many others such as
| K3b for CD/DVD burning.
| [...]
| The commercial versions have minor differences between the free
| versi