[News] The Latest About SCO and MicroSCOft's History of Crimes Against DR-DOR Linux

[News] The Latest About SCO and MicroSCOft's History of Crimes Against DR-DOR Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 10:08:37

ovell and SCO divided on next legal steps

,----[ Quote ]
| The legal differences between Novell and SCO are such that the companies
| cannot agree on the effects of the judge's recent decision on their ongoing
| slander of title court case.


Were there disclaimers?

,----[ Quote ]
| Matthew Aslett, in his article "If this is true SCO execs are in BIG
| trouble," quoted Webbink, and he tried to verify:
| This would be easy to verify if the audio files were still on
| http://ir.sco.com/ but a quick look didn show up anything.
| Well, it's Groklaw to the rescue.


SCO, Linux, and Microsoft in the History of OS: 2000s

,----[ Quote ]
| The difference between SCO's lawsuit against Linux and Caldera's earlier
| lawsuit against Microsoft was that Caldera had a smoking gun, a dead body, a
| motive, and an opportunity all documented against Microsoft. There was no
| case to argue; DR-DOS had its hands tied and was publicly shot in the face by
| Microsoft in broad daylight.
| SCO had nothing more than accusations against Linux, and refused to offer any
| reason to believe any of its claims. Over the next five years, SCO argued
| that Linux users owed it royalty payments for borrowing lines of code that it
| refused to present any evidence of, and warned companies that any use of
| Linux could expose them to expensive legal problems.
| [...]
| SCO needed more money to maintain its years of war on Linux, so Microsoft
| donated millions of dollars in nix licensingto help SCO continue its
| litigation against Microsoft competitors, including IBM and Novell.



To: davidcol
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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 08:51:10 PST

what the guy is supposed to do is feel uncomfortable, and when he has
bugs, suspect that the problem is dr-dos and then go out and buy ms-dos,
or decide not to take the risk for the other machines he has to buy for
in the office.


From bradsi; Mon Feb 10 10:50:05 1992
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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 10:50:05 PST

i am saying that we should either:

b) put a kind gentle message in setup. like an incompatible tsr message,
but not everytime the user starts windows.


the most sensible thing from a development standpoint is to continue to
build dependencies on msdos into windows.


Friday, Septembeer 22, 1989
Mr. Leonard Liu
Acer Incorporated

I'm sure Alan Sugar would not mind me tellling you about his decision for
Amstrad. He decided to stay with MS-DOS (they use the disk version). In 1985
when he first came out with his low end 512k machines, he shipped both DRI's
then current product and MS-DOS: his market research showed that virtually all
users chose to use the Microsoft product, rathe then risk the compatibility
questions thet DRI's operating system products raise. His more recent machines
dropped the
DRI products entirely .. It only takes a couple of reports about
non-compatibility to give the kiss of death to a PC: we've seen that on the
hardware side as well as in the operating sy

[News] The Latest About SCO and MicroSCOft's History of Crimes Against DR-DOR Linux

Post by [H]ome » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:35:25

Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:

Good ol' PJ. :)

Something new for me to mirror on slated.

BTW: The Depo videos are up. I'm planning a better page, and video
format conversion, but it'll do for now:



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