[News] Xirrus Demonstrates Its Linux-based Wi-Fi Array

[News] Xirrus Demonstrates Its Linux-based Wi-Fi Array

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 21 Jul 2008 06:36:13

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Xirrus to Bring WiFi to Open Source Linux Show Next Month

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| Xirrus officials say their Linux-based i-Fi Arrayintegrates 4, 8, or 16
| 802.11abgn radios with an onboard Gigabit Switch, Wi-Fi Controller, Wi-Fi
| Firewall, dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor andSpectrum ( News - Alert) Analyzer
| into a single device.



linux.conf.au: Look Tux, no wires

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| Hence, it was not surprising that he opted to study computer science when he
| made his way to university. Two years after the GNU/Linux operating system
| was first released, Hawtin started messing around with it. He taught himself
| the C programming language and started porting applications to this new toy.
| In 1994, at the age of 20, he founded the first of a couple of Linux user
| groups - the University of Queensland Linux Users Group. Two years later, he
| repeated the act in Toowomba and the Toowomba Home Unix Users Group was born.
| In between he wrote his own interpreter and then a compiler and provided
| support on IRC and newsgroups, also doing some work on the X Windows code.



Xirrus Announces Collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University

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| Xirrus will open up its Linux based Wi-Fi Array Operating System (ArrayOS) to
| Carnegie Mellon University and participate in co-development of advanced
| features and applications that include services such as device and network
| management, roaming pattern analysis, and usage pattern analysis.


Linux devices manage broadband powerline network

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| Mini-ITX systems running Linux will soon enable residents of rural Michigan
| to access the Internet over their electrical power lines at broadband speeds.
| The systems are also enabling the utility provider there to read meters,
| monitor environmental factors, and diagnose outages remotely.


Linux-based WiFi radio hits the big time

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| French bluetooth accessory specialist Com One announced that its Linux-based
| Phoenix WiFi Radio has upgraded firmware and is being widely distributed. The
| Internet-enabled clock-radio is now being sold by online retailers
| tigerdirect.com, mobileplanet.com, and buy.com, says Com One, while
| distributors include DBL, D&H, and Nice Stuff.

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