[News] New Opera Release; Renoise Finally Ported to GNU/Linux

[News] New Opera Release; Renoise Finally Ported to GNU/Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 10:30:25

Opera] 9.27

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| This release is a recommended upgrade for all those running the latest stable
| releases.


Renoise for Linux

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| Several weeks ago a first vesrion of Renoise for Linux appeared.
| [...]
| The main features of Renoise 1.9.1:
| * Tracker Interface
| * Powerful Pattern Editor
| * External Audio Recording
| * Integrated Sampler
| * Instrument Editor
| * Mixer
| * Built-in DSP Effects
| * Track routing
| * Automation.



Kokkini Zita: The Audio Software Of Fons Adriaensen

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| Looking at the software listed at Kokkini Zita it's easy to see where
| developer Fons Adriaensen's interests lie. He has written one of the best
| organ synthesizers for Linux, he has contributed to the LADSPA collection of
| processing plugins, and he has provided Linux sound researchers with some
| excellent tools for measuring and representing audio signals. He is also
| involved in improving Linux support for the Ambisonics technology of encoding
| and decoding multichannel audio.


Why Vista sounds worse

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| Changes to how the latest version of Windows handles audio playback has
| caused unexpected quality issues for musicians and consumers alike, reports
| Tim Anderson



Music Notation Programs: Recent Releases

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| A few weeks ago I promised to bring in some more general news from the world
| of Linux audio software development. Alas, my plans were ambushed by the
| happy intrusion of the release of Renoise for Linux, but I'm back on track.
| As promised, here's more straight reporting on the world of Linux sound and
| music software, starting with some news about recently released music
| notation programs.


Free/Open-source Digital Audio Editors

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| A digital audio editor is a computer application for audio editing or digital
| audio manipulation. Usually, a digital audio editor allows the user to record
| and edit audio, mix multiple sound sources/tracks, apply simple or advanced
| effects or filters, playback sound, and convert different audio file formats
| and different sound quality levels.


Renoise For Linux

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| On January 17 of this year the first beta release of Renoise 1.9.1 was
| announced. Along with new features and fixes for its Windows and OSX
| versions, this release includes the first version of Renoise for Linux. This
| is rather significant news: Renoise is a popular program, with an active
| community of developers and users in the Win/Mac music worlds, and a native
| Linux release has been a community priority. The wait is over, so let's see
| (and hear) what Renoise brings to the Linux audio software party.


Audio in Linux is awesome

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| I can wait for PulseAudio. I sure that will make all of this even ea