[News] Company Talks About Its UNIX/Linux Route, SWsoft Supports Linux VMs

[News] Company Talks About Its UNIX/Linux Route, SWsoft Supports Linux VMs

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 28 Sep 2007 20:56:12

ymark joins crowded cross-platform management field

,----[ Quote ]
| "We took a Unix and Linux approach [to PowerADvantage]," Nielsen said. "All
| administration of the product can be done from the Linux and Unix command
| line; we wanted to make sure [IT managers] could work in the environment they
| like."


SWsoft sees future in multiplatform management

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| Where Virtuozzo allows multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run on one machine
| using a single instance of the same operating system kernel -- either all
| Windows 2003, or all Linux -- Parallels Server will allow disparate operating
| systems to run on the same server.


There appears to be only one hypervisor/manager that is hostile towards Linux.
Guess which one?


Microsoft flip-flops on Vista virtualization

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| Software like Parallels Desktop for the Mac or Microsoft's own Virtual
| PC for Windows allow multiple operating systems to run simultaneously.
| When it announced licensing rules for Vista last year, Microsoft said
| that only Vista Business and Vista Ultimate could run as guest
| operating systems. The company said virtualization presents inherent
| security risks and that it hoped by limiting which versions of the OS
| could act as virtual machines, only sophisticated users and businesses
| would employ the tactic.


Microsoft Says No Windows Virtualization on Top of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft will not allow Windows Vista or Windows XP to be virtualized on top
| of Linux, Sam Ramji, the director of Microsoft's open-source software lab,
| said at the annual LinuxWorld Conference and Expo here Aug. 7.


Ubuntu on [Microsoft's] Virtual PC 2007 - No way dude!

,----[ Quote ]
| A number of people have asked me whether it's possible to install
| Linux onto a Virtual PC 2007 virtual machine. Well, since I had
| an Ubuntu ISO on my desktop I decided to give it a go.
| The short answer is no. It won't. I thought that it might but
| my optimism was short-lived. The graphics are all messed up.


A Software Maker [VMWare] Goes Up Against Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| When quizzed on Microsoft's plans, Mr. Ballmer replied, "Our view is
| that virtualization is something that should be built into the
| operating system."


,----[ Quote ]
| The restrictions on virtualization were discussed here a couple of
| months ago, but now the more people are waking up to the EULA restrictions.
| MS claims it is "necessary for security reasons" and that only the "most
| technically savvy users, or people in companies with tech support,
| probably could handle Vista in virtualization programs, while home users
| should be steered away."


Is need for control behind Microsoft's flip-flop?

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile, Gartner analyst Michael Silver took

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6WIND Launches New Software Solution for Application Development upon
Multi-Core Processor Architectures that Simplifies, Reduces Costs and Speeds
Time to Market

,----[ Quote ]
| 6WIND, the market only provider of a networking software solution to
| simplify application development within multi-core processor based equipment,
| today announced a new solution targeted at mid-range applications (2 to 4
| cores) to provide the highest L2/L3 performance for a pure Linux system.
| Based on Fast Path architecture, the 6WINDGateEDS software enables Fast
| Path implementation as a Linux kernel module between the Linux networking
| stack and the interface drivers. So, it does not require any Multi-Core
| Executive Environment (MCEE). 6WINDGate EDS is ideal for equipment
| manufacturers and chipset vendors using multi-core based architectures to
| design applications upon.


Very weird press release, but it's all about Linux, which is fun stuff.
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