[News] New Version of Sidux GNU/Linux Released, Xfce Added

[News] New Version of Sidux GNU/Linux Released, Xfce Added

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 28 Jun 2008 17:13:31

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sidux 2008-02

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| A little later than planned due to a number of library transitions in Debian/
| sid, we now have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of sidux
| 2008-02 "", shipping in roughly 70 MB kde-lite flavours for amd64 and
| i386 (i686), a combined i386+amd64 release with .5 GB KDE for kde-full and,
| as usual, an xdelta to add initial localisations for all currently supported
| languages. Enhancing the sidux family, a roughly 20 MB large XFCE variant
| has been added for amd64 and i386 (i686) for the first time.



Review: Sidux 2008.1

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| Sidux's primary motto is that it's "Debian Hot and Spicy". Really, I didn't
| find anything "Hot and Spicy" about it. In fact, the entire desktop
| experience is calm, soothing, and productive. Overall I like Sidux. I'm
| very impressed with its speed, its ease of use, the tools it has and more.
| But it's not quite up to a point yet where I can recommend it to new users.
| Now if a user who had a bit more experience wanted to take it for a spin,
| then I would by all means recommend this distribution. Think of it like a
| house that has a few flaws with it. It's great for someone who doesn't mind
| tinkering, but not for someone who wants a turnkey house.
| Now in the future if they clean up the few things I mentioned and make them
| more new user friendly, then by all means I would love to recommend this
| distribution to new users, because I think they'd do well with it if those
| couple of things could be fixed. If you'd like to download this
| distribution, or learn more about it, I recommend going to their homepage.
| There's a lot of great things there to get you started into the world of
| Sidux.


Interview with Chris Hildebrandt, the sidux project

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| The sidux project has emerged as one of the star distributions of this year.
| With its methodical approach to stabilising Debian's unstable branch and
| turning it into a pleasant and fast desktop system, many users are
| discovering the pleasure of running a cutting edge development branch of a
| major distribution without the most of the risks associated with using such a
| fast-changing system. DistroWatch emailed Chris Hildebrandt, one of the
| project's founders, to ask about the secrets of sidux.



Sneak Peak at Soon Arriving SiDUX 2008

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| Let not get overwhelmed by this and try to focus on those few distributions
| that really worth using, reviewing, presenting to new users and so on. Will
| Sidux 2008, code name €be part of the select club of the Chosen Ones? We
| shall see once the full featured final release of €will be released to
| the public. Until then, let see what €has in store for us.


sidux 2007-04.5 christmas special

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| A lot has changed since sidux 2007-04 "" got released, most importantly
| additional hardware support for concurrent graphics-, DVB-, ALSA- and
| wireless LAN devices, which suggests to fresh up "", while continuing the
| development for sidux 2008-01 "". Consequently we are now proud to
| announce the immediate availabilit