[News] Embedded Linux Webinar Approaches (Multi-core); Green PCs Advocated

[News] Embedded Linux Webinar Approaches (Multi-core); Green PCs Advocated

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 04 Sep 2008 23:35:38

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Webinar dissects Linux multicore migration

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| A free webinar aims to show embedded Linux developers how to migrate existing
| code to a multi-core environment. Hosted by MontaVista Software, Freescale
| Semiconductor, and TechOnline, the Sept 11 webinar will use the multi-core
| Freescale QorIQ P4080 and MPC8641D processors as examples.


Another area Vista/WS08 can't set a foot on.

Green PC Needs Less Juice Than a Light Bulb

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| Meanwhile in the United States, Tangent has recently released the Tangent
| Evergreen 17 all in one computer, which apparently consumes only 24 watts, 72
| percent less the required power consumption by Energy Star 4.0. This machine
| runs on either the Via Eden 1.0 GHz fan-less processor or the ViaC7 1.50 GHz
| processor with a low-noise fan.



Why Linux won the embedded market?

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| One story not told often enough involves Linuxgrowing domination of the
| embedded market.


Linux still top embedded OS

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| In a new whitepaper on Linux in the embedded market, VDC researchers cite the
| following reasons for Linux's popularity:
| * Licensing cost advantages
| * Flexibility of source code access
| * General familiarity
| * Maturing ecosystem of applications and tools
| * Growing developer experience with Linux as an embedded OS


Embedded Linux research report ships

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| EDC noted that some 40 percent of the survey's 500 respondents were targeting
| embedded Linux.
| [...]
| Also in the earlier reports, Andrews observed that the need for RTOS source
| code was "one of the reasons that proprietary RTOSes created in-house for a
| specific system have long been popular, and now it's a primary motivating
| factor in the adoption of Embedded Linux."
| The now completed survey results are said to include "expert analysis" from
| Ann Thryft, a 20-year industry veteran. The report includes chapters on
| platforms, processors, tools, languages, security, target devices, mobile
| development, and of course, Linux.


Greens urge end to software patents

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| Ms Turei, who called for greater use of open source and locally developed
| software, says excluding software from patents would ensure others could
| develop ideas. Software would still be protected against piracy by copyright
| law.
| The party has promised to investigate "the setup of free municipally owned
| wireless networks". Ms Turei says the cost needs to be researched, but the
| Government would "almost certainly" need to supply funding.
| Ms Turei says wider adoption of open source software would reduce costs and
| lead to investment in local IT businesses, which tend to lose out to dominant
| software companies such as Microsoft.
| "Monopolies have been allowed to form, stifling competition, consumer choice,
| and indigenous growth of the software industry in Aotearoa/New Zealand."


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