[News] FSF India Fights Attempts by Microsoft et al to Ruin the Law

[News] FSF India Fights Attempts by Microsoft et al to Ruin the Law

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 27 Aug 2008 19:50:18

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FSF India's response to the Draft Patents Manual

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| Even if other countries made such provisions, India as the world's largest
| democracy should not create an society where people at large are excluded
| from participating in creative engagements. As a country with a large human
| resource, we have a bigger challenge of harnessing more creativity among the
| country, and that will happen by bringing each and every citizen under
| creative participation and not by bringing each and every invention under
| allowable patents category. India should lead the rest of the world by
| clearly stating in the manual that computer programs are not patentable in
| India by any other way and are per se protected only under copyright.


I helped with a draft of this letter. :-)


Let us say NO to software patents

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| There are indications that the government is again trying to bring software
| patents, possibly covertly. The first indication of this has been in the
| draft Manual of Patent Practice and Procedure published by the Patent Office,
| India, in which they talk about "software per se" and software in association
| with hardware. This was repeated in the meeting held in Mumbai which was a
| consultation organised by the government with the public. Whether this move
| has been engineered by the bureaucracy or by the government under pressure
| from big corporates, this is not good for the software industry, especially
| the small scale sector, in India.


Candle light vigil against Software Patents


Say No to Software Patents - Candle light vigil in Bangalore

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| Software patents are rejected by Indian Parliament in 2005 (Patent Amendment
| bill 2005). But Indian Government is now trying to push it through back door
| by bringing a Patent manual. Public consultations on this draft manual is
| going on in various metros in India. Bangalore Consultation is scheduled for
| the last week of August.
| The Candle light vigil to "Say No To Software Patents" is a occasion to raise
| civil society voice against this back door trojan to Indian patent system.
| On 23rd August 2008 in front of Town Hall near Corporation Circle, Bangalore.
| Publicity campaigns will be hosted in various places on 22nd.


Say 'No' to software patents

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| Nothing could be further from the truth. As explained above, software patents
| are bad for everyone other than large companies. Each software patent is a
| potential mine in the path to progress for small software companies. Allowing
| software patents in the country will be like strewing the path with mines.


ay No To Software PatentsCampaign in Bangalore

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| The Free Software User Group, Bangalore is co-ordinating a campaign to ay
| No To Software Patentsin India.


Latha Jishnu: The mouse that bit Microsoft

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[News] FSF India Fights Attempts by Microsoft et al to Ruin the Law

Post by 7 » Thu, 28 Aug 2008 03:28:18

Indian WINDUMMY software industry can be destroyed by Micoshaft by funding
the software patent crapola.

Hundreds of thousands of Linux engineers have just graduated in China to
replace India's crapola WINDUMMY industry and Micoshaft.


Just may be Kerala is the only little corner that will offer
some resistance, but as far I can see, India does not have
enough Linux engineers to take the reigns and lead the software
world any more. India is fscked and Micoshaft is what delivered it.