[News] Glipse at Free Software Blender-made 3D Game, Free Culture Gaming

[News] Glipse at Free Software Blender-made 3D Game, Free Culture Gaming

Post by Moshe Gold » Mon, 04 Aug 2008 05:32:14

That's so 70's...
I'm surprised you're not adding in "Hey Adrianne" (ala Rocky)

How to clear out a club in Brooklyn NYC during the mid/late 70's when the
Saturday Night Fever theme was all the rage in the clubs.
IOW everyone had to own a white suit and a pile of gold chains.

Just yell:

"Hey Guido, your Camaro is on fire"

(Just don't be anywhere near the exit when you yell it because you'll be
*** led)

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[News] Glipse at Free Software Blender-made 3D Game, Free Culture Gaming

Post by 7 » Mon, 04 Aug 2008 05:53:29

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[News] Glipse at Free Software Blender-made 3D Game, Free Culture Gaming

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 04 Aug 2008 06:16:29

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Yo Frankie! Looking Good Yo

,----[ Quote ]
| As some of you may know, the Blender Institute has a new open project
| called "Apricot". They are creating a 3D game with main characters based on
| the 3D short animation open movie called "Peach". As of now, the game is
| almost finished and looks really good. See the demo video below to know what
| I mean.


Free Culture *** - 1st game night Saturday 8pm EDT

,----[ Quote ]
| Some folks from Free Culture at *** ia Tech came up with and, more
| impressively, actually started a Free Culture *** club! Every week Free
| Culture *** will get together to play free games online with other free
| culture aficionados. All of the games we play will be 100% free software and
| free content, as per our standards.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ *** -1st-game-night-saturday-8pm-edt/


Apricot Open Game

,----[ Quote ]
| Starting February 1st 2008, a small team of again the best 3D artist and
| developers will develop a game jointly with the on-line community. The main
| characters in the game are based on the short 3D animation open movie Peach.
| At the end of July 2008 the game will be launched. The team members will get
| a great studio facility and housing in Amsterdam, all travel costs
| reimbursed, and a fee sufficient to cover all expenses during the period.


Crystal Space 3D

,----[ Quote ]
| Crystal Space is our main project. It is a free cross-platform
| software development kit for realtime 3D graphics, in particular games...
| Apricot is the Open Game project together with Blender.

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