[News] GNU/Linux Newbie Discovers Freedom, Lovew Ubuntu GNU/Linux

[News] GNU/Linux Newbie Discovers Freedom, Lovew Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 17 Dec 2008 07:00:05

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The 2008 State of My Linux Address

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| One year ago, I was looking at turning away many years of experience and
| comfortable knowledge. I moved cautiously, but enthusiatically from one
| Ubuntu machine, to dual-booting my laptop, to finally relegating Windows to a
| virtual machine for those unpleasant necessities.
| I having a blast using Ubuntu, enjoy learning Linux and don miss the
| world of non-Free anti-user software one whit.


Update: The Freedom Key

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| A slightly pointless exercise I know but it makes me feel better and I think
| it looks pretty good so why not make your own freedom key? It's easy and if I
| can do it with my complete abscence of art skills I'm sure anyone can.


RM is nearly always the result of a *** of companies to restrict the
technology available to the public. Such *** should be a crime, and the
executives responsible for it should be sentenced to prison.
--Richard Stallman


DRM is always anti-user

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| No user likes DRM. What Cory Doctorow said about Sony is really true for all
| DRM: o Sony customer woke up one morning and said, amn, I wish Sony would
| devote some expensive engineering effort in order that I may do less with my
| music.. Expanding the DRM acronym (to mean igital restrictions
| managementor igital rights management is a matter of what side youe
| on. If youe on the user side, the side that says you ought to be able to
| treat stuff you bought as your own, youl not forget that igital rights
| managementis rivate languageas well. It language that exists to
| promulgate the publisher perspective instead of the user perspective thus
| reframing the debate to getting us to believe that our needs are less
| important or completely ignorable. The thing that makes DRM interesting to
| publishers is how well it can restrict users from doing what users want to
| do. Hence digital restrictions management is a more honest way of looking at
| what DRM means.

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