[News] Google's GNU/Linux Desktop Distribution; gOS 3.1 Released

1. [News] gOS 3 GNU/Linux Desktop Runs from USB

2. [News] New Commercial Distribution of Linux Released, Some GNU/Linux Games Reviewed

New Version of Astaro GNU/Linux (7.1) @ http://www.yqcomputer.com/

Risk gamers use free software to take over the world

,----[ Quote ]
| How are GNU/Linux users preparing for Linus Torvalds' plan of world
| domination? By playing free software computer games based on the classic
| world conquest board game Risk. You can perfect your strategy by playing the
| games XFrisk, TEG, or Ksirk.


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Linux cellphone domination near, report suggests

,----[ Snippet ]
| The paper ultimately concludes that 2006 will be the "turning point"
| for Linux as a phone OS.


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