[News] Governments Turn Away from Proprietary Software, Choose Free Software Instead

[News] Governments Turn Away from Proprietary Software, Choose Free Software Instead

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 09 Mar 2009 20:02:35

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New U.S. CIO could be a big win for open source

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| Granted, open source has already made extensive inroads to federal IT.
| Kundra's appointment as U.S. CIO, however, opens the door to new
| competitors--Google and open source among them--even wider. He says he plans
| to take a pragmatic approach to IT spending, but that's all open source needs
| to thrive.


FOSS in government - a Pakistani perspective

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| Though there are various TCO and ROI studies on such cost comparisons in both
| the long and short term and there have been immediate benefits reported by
| many developing (and developed) countries who have switched over to FOSS in
| their government departments.



The great British open-source arms race

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| Politicians of all stripes seem to be espousing open source, but that bluster
| must be turned into action and soon, says Mark Taylor.
| First, shadow chancellor George Osborne advocates open source. Now minister
| for digital engagement Tom Watson promises to use more open-source software,
| if circumstances permit. The UK public sector just got interesting again.


Tories demand publication of Trading Funds review, back free data principles

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| The Conservative Party is demanding that the government publishes the Trading
| Funds Review, while also giving its backing to the concept of free data -
| although it hasn quite gone as far as backing the entire principles of the
| Free Our Data campaign.


ConsultationXML is now Open Source

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| Wee terribly, fantastically pleased to announce that after a bit of
| wrangling, Steph Gray and I are able to release ConsultationXML as open
| source software under the GNU Affero license. The recent report on open
| source software in Government hinted that departments ought to try to release
| source code for the software they commission, and wee delighted to be (we
| think!) the first to do so.


Russian Federation Commits to Open Source

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| Open source software development in Russia is one of the most important
| directives for Igor Schegolev - the Head of the Ministry of Information
| Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation. At a key meeting
| with Werner Knoblich, Red Hat Vice President for EMEA, he announced support
| for a Russian Fedora association and for Red Hat development in the Russian
| Federation. He also expressed support for open source infrastructure and
| applications, and the development of a repository for industry best practice.


National Word Processors?

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| Other governments want to be able to switch to other products or actually do
| that. Most of them migrate to Staroffice or [OpenOffice.org] which support
| the ODF format and the old binary doc format out of the box. Government
| agencies understand that a creation of an intern