[News] Linux Chosen by Company for Set-top Box, More Embedded Linux Support Comes

[News] Linux Chosen by Company for Set-top Box, More Embedded Linux Support Comes

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Linux STB design tapped in Russia

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| Belarus-based "full-service" device design startup Promwad announced a design
| win for a Linux-based DVB-T set-top box (STB) destined for a Russian
| manufacturer of TV antennas. The STB design will be built around an ST
| Microelectronics (ST) STi5205 system-on-chip (SoC) clocked to 266MHz, says
| Promwad.


Linux support available for Altera's Nios II embedded processor

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| Altera Corporation and Wind River have jointly announced the availability of
| Linux support for Altera's Nios II embedded processor. Embedded developers
| deploying products based on the Nios II processor can use this Linux solution
| across Altera's entire portfolio of FPGAs and HardCopy ASICs.



TomTom Linux impact light hit so far

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| I don necessarily see the same effect from the TomTom suit since, at least
| publicly, Microsoft is not making the case that it is Linux on the line. I
| can report that there does not seem to be any slowdown or hesitation in the
| embrace of Linux for embedded devices. Perhaps that is the reason that
| Microsoft has chosen to play down any implications for Linux and open source,
| rather than puff them up as it has done in the past. If Microsoft or anyone
| else challenges the IP integrity of the Linux OS, it is likely to reinforce
| the idea that the open source software is legitimate, licensed, covered by
| copyright, and absolutely appropriate for enterprise, embedded and other
| commercial uses, at least that what history tells us.

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Linux SDIO stack targets high-throughput apps

,----[ Quote ]
| SDIO Nex uses an "entirely new" architecture designed for low
| processor utilization and maximum throughput, Arasan said.


Linux-based "triple play" gateways gain web browser

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| Tilgin (formerly i3 Micro) has added the Opera web browser to two
| of its Linux-based set-top boxes, Opera reports. Opera 9 for
| Devices will allow Tilgin customers to create user interfaces
| based on Web standards, in addition to letting end-users browse
| the Web on their TVs.


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