[News] New Linux Release Candidate and 4 New GNU/Linux Distributions

[News] New Linux Release Candidate and 4 New GNU/Linux Distributions

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 20 Jan 2009 09:43:12

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Linux 2.6.29-rc2

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| It's out there now, or at least in the process of mirroring out.
| About half of the bulk is a late MIPS merge (tssk, tssk, but I really
| couldn't make myself care too much), and there are a few odd new drivers
| there too. In fact, of the non-MIPS code, drivers is about half of the
| remaining one, and then firmware (which is really drivers too but shows up
| separately) is half of _that_ remaining half.


(2009-01-10) Topologilinux 7.0.1 released
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| Currently only available at below ftp site.
| ftp://ftp.se.linux.org/distributions/topologilinux/Topologilinux-7.0.1/
| Would be great if you could help me getting ftp mirrors.
| Tell them to link against ftp://ftp.se.linux.org/distributions/topologilinux
| updates are available in the updates directory.
| Topologilinux is still 100% free and so the updates but please donate some
| money if you like this project.
| just press the donate button and donate.
| This is a bugfix release that should fix reported bugs reported in the 7.0.0
| release
| If you wonder why it has not been uploaded to Sourceforge yet.. read this
| info
| So help of this problem would also be appreciated.


What is AUSTRUMI-1.8.5 ?

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| Fastest Linux distribution with 3D support for Nvidia and Intel video cards
| Contains all necessary basic programs for work and entertainment
| The modern user interface into Latvian, Russian, English, Italian and Greek
| languages
| Simple boot from CD, flash drive or HDD
| It is fitted out for the servers and workstations


Clonezilla 1.2.1-33


FreeNAS 0.69 (Kwisatz Haderach)



5 things you didn know about linux kernel code metrics

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| I started with writing a small script that:
| 1. downloads a 2.6.0 kernel, analyzes it using SLOCCount written by David
| Wheeler
| 2. patches to one step newer kernel and analyzes it using the same tool.
| 3. goes to number 2 until patches run out at 2.6.26
| Just in case I also used a different tool called cloc to analyze the same
| code. Word of comment on tools used is at the end of this post.
| This script ate 477MB of disk space with tarballs and bzipped patches.
| 1. The kernel has just reached 6 millions lines with 2.6.26!
| Linux kernel lines of code
| Linux kernel lines of code
| Yes, indeed, with 2.6.26 wee reached over 6 million lines of code. You can
| see that on the chart on the right (click for a normal size version).
| Both SLOCCount and CLOC show similar results. What is interesting here is
| that:
| * there over a million of blank lines,
| * and a million lines of comments (which are of course important too),
| * the code shows a faster-than-linear growth characteristic,
| * if current speed is maintained I predict we might get 7 million with
| 2.6.30 and 8 million with 2.6.33, just look at the forecast.



Linux contributor base broadens

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| With more companies funding Linux work, the core hackers now delegate
| 70% of the coding