[News] OpenOffice.org Awards in Details, Free CMS Awards Coming

[News] OpenOffice.org Awards in Details, Free CMS Awards Coming

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A look at OpenOffice Community Innovation Award winners

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| Last December, Sun Microsystems first announced the million-dollar Community
| Innovation Program, which aims to encourage innovation in the six open source
| projects that the giant is involved with. Open source office software suite
| Open Office just so happens to be one of those projects, they have announced
| the winners for their Innovation Program contest.


Meeting OpenOffice.org developers

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| Although OpenOffice.org is an open source project with its own community, the
| core team that does the bulk of the actual coding and quality assurance is
| based in Hamburg, Germany. Recently, I had a chance to visit the developers
| behind this key open source project. The Sun offices in Hamburg occupy three
| floors of a rather large business complex in an industrial area not far from
| downtown Hamburg. It's a surprisingly quiet and green area with a couple of
| decent restaurants around, which local businesses, including Sun, use for
| lunch breaks. The atmosphere in Sun's offices was relaxed, and I, in my shirt
| and shiny shoes, was definitely overdressed for the occasion. I was greeted
| by Ocke Janssen, one of three guys responsible for developing the
| OpenOffice.org Base application and the sole developer of the Sun Report
| Builder extension. He was later joined by Christoph Lukasiak, who manages the
| QA community.


PacktPub 2008 Awards - Open Source CMS MVPs

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| The winners are being announced for the 2008 Open Source CMS awards from
| PacktPub.com. This year promises great things from a variety of CMS systems
| and each has had its opportunity to wow the judges. As always, names like
| Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, among many others will surely be highlighted.



OpenOffice.org overwhelmed by demand for version 3.0

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| Eager beavers keen to get their hands on the long-awaited arrival of version
| 3.0 of OpenOffice.org are currently unable to download the free, open
| source-flavoured suite of office apps because demand has broken the website.


Open Office vs. MS Office - the Other Key to Windows/Linux Transition

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| So, if your excuse for not giving Linux a try was that you needed to be able
| to work with your Office documents... well, you just ran out of excuses.
| Think of what you will gain, too! No more suffering through all the
| gratuitous menu/toolbar/button changes that Microsoft makes in every new
| Office release. No more suffering through incompatible file formats between
| releases, which Microsoft seems to do every two or three releases - this is
| the second time it has happened that I can recall, and I assume that the
| recent OOXML debacle means that there is another change coming in the next
| Office release. Best of all, no more having to pay to upgrade to the new
| ver

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2. SN#20700 Winners of OpenOffice.org Community Innovation Program Awards

Vol 128 Issue 2 2008-10-10 Article 20700 from section "News"

Awards Program Recognizes Open Source Technology Innovation with 24 Community Members Sharing $175,000 Prize

Sun announced the six winners of the OpenOffice.org Community
Innovation Challenge which was designed to fuel innovation and
community around OpenOffice.org The community is preparing for the
imminent launch of OpenOffice.org 3.0. (Release candidate 4 is now
available). The contest was part of Sun's million-dollar Open Source
Community Innovation Challenge Program, a multi-year program
supporting several Sun-sponsored open source communities.

"It has been a pleasure to contribute QATrack, which gives the
OpenOffice.org Community the ability to track the qualification of
the many releases being worked on," said Gold Medal winner Per
Eriksson. "I look forward to future involvement with this truly
innovative, global project.

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