[News] Programming with GCC in Detail; Twitter Success Story Build from Free Software

[News] Programming with GCC in Detail; Twitter Success Story Build from Free Software

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 06 Apr 2009 20:45:00

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Developments in the GCC world

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| As GCC nears its 4.4 release, there are a number of criteria that need to be
| met before it can be released. Those requirementsegressions requiring
| squashingave been met, but things are still stalled. A number of issues
| were raised with the changes to the runtime library exemption that have
| caused the release, and a branch that will allow new development into the GCC
| tree, to be delayed until that is resolved. In the meantime, however, GCC
| development is hardly standing still, there are numerous interesting ideas
| floating around for new features.


Why would Google buy the Twitter open source project?

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| Why would Google spend over $250 million for Twitter, an open source project
| written in Rails?


Online businesses that succeed rarely depend on Microsoft's shoddy software.


10 Twitter Clients For Linux

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| If you think Twitter is a no-good, time-waster, fad that will die off just in
| time before the new social media fad comes in; you should be glad to know
| that that is exactly how I felt before I started using Twitter. Your
| experience with twitter will be as good as the people you follow or the users
| you socialize with. If you follow someone who spams you with marketing stuff
| and updates every morning what he had for breakfast, then you definitely will
| be disappointed.


12 of the Best Free Linux Instant Messaging Clients

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| Instant messaging (IM) is a form of real-time communication between two or
| more individuals based on typed text. The text is conveyed via devices
| connected over a network such as the Internet.
| There are a number of different instant messaging protocols which are used by
| the major networks. The primary ones are XMPP (used by Google Talk, Jabber
| etc), AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live
| Messenger (formerly called MSN Messenger), and the venerable Internet Relay
| Chat (IRC). The IM clients featured in this article either cater for as many
| different networks as possible, or focus on a small subset.


New FSF microblogging communities New FSF microblogging communities

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| identi.ca distributes the source code used to power the site under the Affero
| GNU General Public License, and is following the free network service
| principles that the autonomo.us working group has been developing.


Identi.ca Gets Funding to Make Open-source Twitter Variant

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| Identi.ca plans to build an open-source alternative to Twitter got a vote
| of confidence this week with an investment from the VCs at Montreal Start Up.
| While the amount of the financing wasn disclosed, Montreal Start Up
| Managing Partner John Stokes said the firm invests between C$150,000
| ($120,135) and C$400,000 ($320,329) per deal.



Source Code For Twitter-Like App, Trillr, Now Available

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| Deve

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A Window to Freedom - Report on Dec 4th Free Software User Group Thrissur

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| The Free Software User group of Thrissur had its first public gathering at
| the Sahithya Academy hall on Dec 4th; if the interest and enthusiasm shown by
| an audience numbering about 300 is any indication, the new year is going to
| witness a dramatic change in the way people in the Cultural capital of Kerala
| use computers - it going to be good bye and good riddance to Microsoft, and
| welcome to the wonderful world of GNU/Linux and Free Software!


Sustaining Free Culture in Social Justice and Environmental Online Communities

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| The following is a post from a guest, Ian Elwood, who has been involved in
| social justice movements for some time and has tried to bring the Free
| Software and Free Culture movements to them. We post it here because it
| expresses a voice in the discussion of free network services. Indymedia
| London recently considered questions very much like these. Ian Elwood
| thoughts follow.



foss.in 2008

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| Photos from Day One of foss.in in Bangalore.

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