[News] Review of gOS Gadgets (Ubuntu GNU/Linux Derivative)

[News] Review of gOS Gadgets (Ubuntu GNU/Linux Derivative)

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 10 Jan 2009 09:59:46

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gOS Gadgets aims Ubuntu at cloud computing

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| Overall, gOS represents an intriguing Ubuntu re-spin. Its most significant
| contribution will probably be its use as a proof-of-concept platform for
| netbooks, netpads, and MIDs intended to run mostly web-based applications
| what might be called mobile loud computingdevices.



gOS and a bag full of mostly goodies

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| Well, I have to say that I did go and look at gOS Gadgets...and downloaded
| it...and installed it on my daughter's computer: P4 1.2Ghz or thereabouts,
| with 768Mb RAM and a 64Mb ATI video card. The following is not in any
| particular order and I've included pros and cons as I've gone along.
| [...]
| So, would I recommend it? Yes. Do I like it? Yes. More importantly, do my
| children like it? A resounding YES!


GOS 3 is Still the Best Linux OS

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| A few months back I wrote a review about gOS on one of my blogs which
| received some raving reviews. I did not just review it, but decided to start
| using it as my default Linux desktop. So here is what I think after a month
| of using it as a default desktop.
| I am currently running gOS Gadgets 3.x on my system with 2GHz of memory on a
| 1.8GHz Core2Duo Intel Processor. The laptop has 250GB of hard disk space
| partitioned into three separate drives.


gOS 3 - the most beautiful Linux

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| Over all, I give it a complete thumbs up and I recommend that everyone who is
| interested to use something other than Microsoft should give it a try.
| Especially those who cannot afford to buy licenced windows.


gOS 3.0 Gadgets ScreenShots

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| I could not believe that gOS 3.0 was a Linux Distro when I saw it on
| DistroWatch. So I said why not let me give it a try. Let me tell you I am
| glad I did! This distro is amazingly fast and extremely easy to use. This
| distro is perfect for the Asus EEEpc, especially for newbies just joining
| Linux or for users who are just tired of Microsoft Windows. The apps are easy
| to use as they are on my MAC. The fact that gOS makes extremely good use of
| Wine 1.0 which make it easy to install Windows Applications. The install was
| quick and simple, which is very important for people just joining the Linux
| Community. Well I hope you enjoy the installation ScreenShots below as well
| as some action shots.


gOS 3: Is it better than Ubuntu?

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| gOS is a lot of Ubuntu, a drop of Mac OS X and a slice of the web. And it
| certainly has a future in this new world of mobility oriented hardware. It
| won replace my Ubuntu installation right now, but I keeping this baby on
| a small partition and anxiously waiting for the next version.


Impressions: gOS 3 Gadgets BETA

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| Overall gOS is great. It does try a little too much to be like a mac, with
| the dock on the bottom, the one bar on top, and moving