[News] The Reds Adopt Red Hat GNU/Linux (Fedora)

[News] The Reds Adopt Red Hat GNU/Linux (Fedora)

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Fedora as Basis of Russia's Operating System?

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| It's good news that Red Hat has had the opportunity to talk to senior
| government officials about open source - in this case, at the ministry of
| communications - but what's much more important are the specifics mentioned
| in the story:
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| Russian Fedora,
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Russia To Develop a National Operating System

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| "According to Russian media, the Russian Government is going to develop a
| National Operating System (Google translation; Russian original) to lower its
| dependencies on foreign software technology licensing. The Russian plan will
| base its efforts on Linux and expects a worldwide impact. Microsoft is also
| involved in the roundtable process that led to the recommendation. The
| Chinese government successfully lowered its Microsoft licensing costs through
| an early investment in a national Linux distribution. I wonder if other large
| markets, such as the European Union, will also develop their own Linux
| distributions or join in the Russian initiative."


ALT Linux 4.1.1 Desktop Released

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| Alexey Rusakov announced on January 14th the immediate availability of the
| desktop edition of ALT Linux 4.1.1 DVD, a general purpose GNU/Linux
| distribution designed to be used on workstations, laptops and netbooks.
| Besides the usual bug fixes and improvements, ALT Linux 4.1.1's most
| important feature is the inclusion of an installation DVD ISO image with
| English as the default language. "ALT Linux proudly presents a new release of
| our desktop distribution, ALT Linux 4.1.1 Desktop. [...] We also released a
| separate DVD with English as the default language so that you don't need to
| crawl through cryptic Russian letters on early steps. Happy using!" -
| Alexey Rusakov said in the official release announcement.


Russia to create "National OS" Based on GNU/Linux?

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| Although the proposal is still in its early stages, the attractiveness of the
| proprosal to a government keen to assert its independence at all levels is
| obvious. It will be interesting to see how this develops.


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